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19 April 2010


Account Deleted

The state of Cali sucks, I'm afraid to say.


I have to agree... whateva!


Boo hoo, Obama gets annoyed by people demanding their lives not be destroyed by inequality or oppression.

My heart bleeds purple piss for him, really.


You suck Kevin Perez, I'm afraid to say. Obama needed to be reminded again.


Thank you so much for posting "whateva!" Marcel. The word is spelled "whatever", you illiterate ass.


I thought he handled it as well as he could. He needs to hear these outbursts, because its time to repeal DADT! Its a ridiculous rule anyway. Its time for equality for all and yes he could be doing more... A LOT MORE! So let the protests continue. I must say these folks have a lot more class than that of the Teabaggers. I didn't here name calling and I didn't see any spit flying.


@ Dylan


Andy Niable

DADT is not just a policy--it's a federal law, which Congress passed and only Congress can permanently repeal.

If we want it gone, we must get the votes, just like we already did with Hate Crimes, just like we need to do with ENDA.

The Congressional Switchboard number is 202-224-3121, and they can connect you to the office of your representatives even if you don't know their names.

Obama will sign the bill to repeal DADT, but he can't sign a bill that doesn't make it to his desk. Call today, call tomorrow, and keep calling until it happens.


What is Obama doing to ensure that bill reaches his desk? Zip.


Andy Niable you are so right! Last I check no of you are at President Obama's side so you really don't know what he is doing but he is saying it. He cannot just raise his hands and just repeal the law. It does not work like that. Some things yes but not a federal law. He has a lot of things going on besides just running around trying to please everyone. He is the man responsible for ALL of US! There are things going on that we are not aware of but he is resolving those things.


I wish more people would actually go to school and learn how the political system works. Obama can't just stand on stage, wave a wand, and chant the words "DADT, go away with thee" and it just magically disappears. The only thing he can do is what he's been doing all along...using his influence to convince the lawmakers that this is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, he can't use telepathy on them and force them to do it now.


I love how some people think turning on the first President who actually wants to help them is good strategy. He wants to repeal it and the process has started, DADT has been in place for 17 years and he's been in office for just over 1 year so cut him some slack for crying out loud.

There are many problems that he needs to solve that effect everyone in this country directly and they had to take priority, DADT never was going to make the top of the list and quite frankly it shouldn't. I'm not saying repealing DADT isn't important, it clearly is but it's not the biggest problem for most americans right now.

To all these people that want to go out and scream at those that are trying to help, you should actually be going out and doing what ever you can to get more dems elected in November so this can actually happen. The other party will just tell us to F off to our faces before they turn their backs to us and walk away, their is NO political will from republican politicians to change this law even though it is now supported by a slim majority of Americans.

I say people should write to Obama, do calm interviews if this has effected them directly and do what they can to drum up support, not scream at people who actually want to help.


I think it is good to yell out loud when things aren't right. That's what was so good about the early AIDS groups. They screamed and yelled and laid in the streets with chalk outlines around their bodies showing how many have already died.

I love Obama, but we are aware he can't wave his hand and all will be alright. However, his colleagues must know that we aren't playing with these policies. Insiders (in Washington) are saying things aren't moving the way others are saying (including the president) they are. The Teabaggers are pushing politics, and they are doing it by being the squeaky wheel. Politicians are now scared of them and want them on their side, when not that long ago they were called a fringe group. It is time for us to be the squeaky wheel. Calm has shown not to move this forward. Scream on the outside and make sure we have people on the inside. Then also have those who will be willing to do calm interviews. The president has shown he can be swayed not to do the right thing, so he needs to be reminded also about who his wishy-washy nature affects.


You raise a good point Diva but unfortunately gay people being upset isn't going to scare politicians into acting, while a slim majority in the country do want gays to be able to serve it's not something most will base their vote on but they will base a vote on taxes so that's why the tea party scares them. When gay people go scream and shout now it doesn't really win people over, those that are against us won't be won over by being shouted at, they need to be talked to rationally by people they know and respect.

Da' RealistOne

^^ I believe its only that way because people do not take the GLBT community seriously enough TO be scared of their power.
This is due in part because many of us as Gays & Lesbians will not exert our power and make ourselves a formidable force within the political scene.

We worry too much about bulging biceps and tight spandex shorts than getting out and marching in the streets. Even then, its mostly at pride lookin' for some meat.

We have to become a stronger, cohesive unit, however that requires many more Gay people to be honest with themselves, LIVE ACCORDINGLY TO THEIR TRUTH, and affirm publicly that we DEMAND - not beg or "reason", for our equality. A faithful few won't cut it, and having the Gay "doubters" amongst us only pulls us down.

If the tea partiers can get their message across (and do so through lies, racism, and scare tactics) there absolutely NO REASON why the Gay Community can't have that SAME ENERGY the tea partiers have and make a difference.

Let's put off trying to bust nuts for the moment and let's get equal rights!


There is a lot of truth to what you said, however until more gay people act like adults and don't run around in the streets in assless chaps and dance in thongs with their business flapping around on floats during pride parades we'll never be taken seriously by the public at large.

I know it's a minority of people who act that way but they are the ones that get all of the attention. It scares many people to see that kind of behavior and they'll refuse to do anything to condone anything associated with people like that. We are already fighting an up hill battle as it is without the clowns among us making things worse.

I know some may say that's conforming or "not being yourself" but I've never understood that kind of behavior anyway, I've known I was gay since I was a child but I never had the desire to run around and act like a girl or wear shorts up to my ass, I'm not saying other people are bad for doing that but they have to realize the truth about the world we live in and that acting that way in public only hurts our image.

Back to the original story here though, again Obama is the first president who's even said he wants to get rid of DADT since it was put into effect 17 years ago, going out in public and screaming at him and embarrassing him isn't going to make him want to hurry this up, it's just going to make him look weaker to the other side.

I think the best way to protest and it may already have been done would be to run adds that show out of the closet military people who have been discharged and list their qualifications in the ads and show any awards they may have been given and put a face on it, show the people that these men and women are just as brave as all the others who get praised like crazy in this country but that these people just happen to be gay. You have to put a face on it, use logic and try to reach the ones you can. The kinds of people that still need to be reached won't be converted by being shouted at.

Another way to help with this also would be to get some younger democrats elected in place of these old republicans, a lot of this issue is held up with the fact that we still have so many old people serving in congress, they have a different point of view than younger people and their minds won't be changed.

Da' RealistOne

^^^ I feel what you're saying too, and this just may be one of those "endless" disucssions where it just repeats itself over and over.

Can we stop those who want to "run around in the streets in assless chaps and dance in thongs with their business flapping around on floats during pride parades " ???


Just like we can't stop our Black Men & Women who run around creating babies with no care in the world, leaving tax payers to provide and fend for these children because some heterosexuals can't practice enough responsibility to protect themselves and have safe sex responsibly.

Just like we can't stop these teenage girls parading around with a$$ & chi' chi's out and being degraded by our heterosexual brothas all because that's just "the culture" nowadays.

There's always going to be "some" group of people within a community that we may not agree with nor understand. However, that shouldn't be the reason why the community AS A WHOLE shouldn't stand up and demand their equality.

Running an ad here or there is fine, but nothing is more effective than seeing a person LIVE AND IN LIVING COLOR!!!

And in my opinion, Obama has on numerous occasions made himself appear not as grounded in his stances because of his unwillingness to remain firm on what he's promised to do. He's bent too many times to the other side because of "their" anger, so why shouldn't he listen to ours?

Words don't do nothing, action does. And if we can't get action, then we need to MAKE action until something gets done.

Sometimes, I wonder why is it when it comes to the Gay Community, we're EXPECTED to "tow the line", "stay calm", "Be easy", "Keep it Cool" and just MAYBE if we wish real hard, they'll like us?

*&^%^ & THAT! we've been "easy" for too long, our people have died because of this nation's inability to see us as equal and some of us are beyond sick and tired of it.

Get Equals actions may have not been the best taste, but it got people to talking. NO matter the conversation, the conversation happened nonetheless.

Its time to make noise and its time to shift some asses.


The gay organization ACT-UP paved the way for AIDS research. They did it by yelling and screaming and lying in the streets with chalk outlines counting the number of people who had died from AIDS.

I feel having the same enrgy and some of the same tactics as the Tea Party would help us. We are not a monolith group and never will/should be. But the idea that only calm interviews would help is not realistic. This is war and we are the soldiers dying in the streets and foreign lands. That is enough to yell and scream about. I know how to be both an activist and a politician. I learned working in academia for over 18 years.

Gays should be able to wear dresses and run around in chaps with their asses out. that's why we live in America. People will either like you or hate you regardless.

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