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14 April 2010





he takes good pics


I don't watch Real World, so is he gay? Or are we suppose to believe that this is just for the ladies too?


I want to have sex with him ( no homo) LOL


I'm so sick of these "Straight" dudes posting pictures of themselves talking about it's for the ladies. First of all, if it was "for the ladies", you wouldn't display it to the gay population dumb ass! You would e-mail it your female fans. Sexy "Sus"Spec should've known that, but no, he decided to broadcast it on the world wide web so people can ridicule him for being gay and he's saying he's not gay. Bulls***! It's a very, very thin line between gay and straight.


Guys with iPhones is a gay site. I don't care what people say. If you are posting on that site, you can look at the other pics and tell what the population is. If someone doesn't want guys looking at them, then don't post on a site where there's almost all guys looking at it. you can also look at the ads and tell what the population is. The advertisers seem to know.

I would immediately assume this guy is gay because of posting on that site. If he's not then "He got some explainnnning to do".


So wait! Are these guys posting the pics on this site themselves? or are their pics being hacked from the iphone or taken from places like facebook, twitter, etc.?

Anyway, he looks good... very good!


This guy was a complete a_hole on the show...even though he’s really sexy. Maybe he did post directly on that site, but someone probably took it from his twitter, facebook, etc. like Isis said.

Enigmatic One

His V-formation makes me wanna go in Y-formation! Hawt!


lol.. very clever enigmatic one..


I agree with Brandon. It would be so refreshing if a dude, instead of saying, "for the ladies" would just say something like, "for your viewing pleasure." They all know that dudes are looking at them too, and secretly they like it..lol


Your comments in the Toni Braxton post were AUTOMATICALLY held because you used profanity. Then you leave more comments calling me a names? Trifling. -RM


It'd be great if we had pictures like that of homosexual men. =)

You don't think any gay men look like that or better? Wow. -RM


I guess no one in generation X or Y will be able to run for president with all these nude and semi nude pics floating around. Dont people know the internet is ETERNAL and you cant erase anything. How will people be able to explain this to their kids and grandchildren.

On the flip side, my gaydar is going off. I think he's cute. Anyone can post anybodies pic on Guyswithiphones.com (or whatever the site is called).


@ Observer

You do raise a valid point that those who post semi-nude or nude pics on the Internet don't think about the consequences. These photos will come back to haunt some people when they are trying to get a job or do something in politics. But people do things at their own risk. And they have no one else to blame.

Chitown Kev


Maybe, but then again our society could get so inoculated and unbothered by pics such as these that it won't be all that major of a deal in politics in 20 or 30 years; remember, President Obama did admit to drug use (including having tried cocaine) in his youth


This picture in particular isn't that bad. As a matter of fact and can't say ONE bad thing about it. His picture is tame in comparison to others I've seen. He's just shirtless /w a little pube showin. He could still get a job somewhere. I agree though about some of those other guys posting ALL their JUNK online, lol! Its fun now, but could be a HUGE problem in the future.

On the other hand, Ty was a little crazy at times on the Real World and that might give him some trouble in the future... MAYBE!


I only watched a few episodes of this season of the RW so maybe I'm off base here, but while he has a great body and a decent face, he had a sh***y personality in real life. The ladies can have him.....


That dude is fine!


@ Chitown Kev

You're probably right. Thirty years from now, it will be common to walk around with your private parts exposed. Instead of shaking hands, we'll be shaking something else. That would be something to see.



I might be able to live with his "alleged" crappy personality for three or four hours/nights/weeks/months/years/lifetimes

Man is hot. I've looked at these pics maybe 10 times so far. Uh. More?





Really? Yeah, he gay then.

No shade.


On another note, I am MOST SURE if he's able to take semi-nude pics of himself on his iphone, his iphone probably has some full blown nude pics in there somewhere. But in order to see that, you'll have to ask permission for his "private adam4adam" photo's to be unlocked. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The boy is a cutie, but personality goes a long way with me. You gotta have both in order for me to drop my draws. I dont watch real world so I really couldn't tell you how his personality is, I'll just take everyone elses word for it. (this time)


he still assaulting/harassing/molesting white girls?

cause that's ALL he was doing on the Real World...mess!

and he is *SCREAMING* OOH HOW YOU DOIN GAY?! really...

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