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23 April 2010


Account Deleted

Hope he becomes more succesful than Miss Perry.


its very great...hope more succesful


BRAVO! A black gay playwright at the Public Theater and Steppenwolf? Now that's impressive. I'll be in Chicago in two weeks and would love to take in the production. Mr McCraney is definitely going places.

And as I type this, I'm searching Youtube...


I saw WIG OUT at the Vineyard Theatre in NYC. Amazing, over-the-top fabulous.

Greg G

Very talented young man.

Eaton W1B

Rod, I read the blog all the time but very rarely leave comments. I just wanted to say that I'm a theatre student and huge fan of McCranney's work. He's quite theater wunderkind and a role model.

Your blog is superb . Please continue.


Wow...this guy is really wonderful! I never heard of him before, thanks for bringing him to my attention!


What a "breath of fresh air", and much needed relevancy. I wish the brother much, much success!!


He's even sexier naked, and packing major di*k. lol


SMDH @ "Ummm"

A lil TMI, hon.


I was thinking the same thing Jaysin. Here we are taking a moment to acknowledge this brother for his accomplishments in the art world, and someone comes in and makes a comment about something Mr McCraney had nothing to do with. Despite what you read in other places; kissing and telling is still low class.

Greg G

@Jaysin and Freeleo:
My thoughts too. Dayumn brothas, its rare to see "our" people in prominent places like that. The Public Theater? The Steppenwolf? That's major!

McCraney is good looking but leave it at that and keep it moving. It seems with black gay men, we each rush to sexualize each other or minimize each other ... Funny cuz thats same thing the "others" do to us.

We can do better people!


great post and the best of luck to young Mr McCraney. i've never heard of this young but am at all the links now. thannks!


@ ummmm
he is super skinny and his dick is only 9

Justin S

Im gonna be in Chicago during the July 4th holiday, i wish it was still playing during that time! :-/


I didn't read anything. I know it for a fact. Yeah he's accomplished, but let's keep it real, when there's pictures posted about sports players we don't commend their accomplishments we talk about track stars packages and blah blah blah. Don't be hypocritical. Get over it. Yes he's skinny, he's got a piece bigger than 9" so I don't know who u were with, and that ass is a tops dream. Get over it.


I want to thank you again Rod for exposing me to this brother. I've been watching his interviews on youtube. He is a genius. He touches my heart.

H L Austin

Great news. I am a regular theater goer & I look forward 2 traveling 2 some city 2 see one of his productions.
Much success for a long career.


This thread is like the collision of two worlds.


Yes the world of class and the world of crass..lol

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