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20 April 2010


C McCall

Every time I read stories like this, it disturbs me.


Good. Those so called men deserve tpo be put under the prison for what they did.


Evil bastards


I wonder if these guys are acting out very violently because of their repressed homosexuality. That is often what prompts these kinds of vicious attacks. Guys who are secure in their own sexuality generally don't lash out like this. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Nathan James

Let me recall Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes' comments on this case: "If convicted, the only way these two thugs should get out of jail, is in a box." I agree. Let them spend the rest of their lives reflecting on the place their evil, malicious hatred has put them.

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Shocking story, let's hope justice takes it path.


I agree with Nathan's quote- I also hope they are gang raped while in jail


@ Harlemboy:

You make a really good point.
I think that is sometimes, no many times! the case in the stories like this. And did you see the mugshots Rod posted in the jury selection stories? Hakim is very how you doin!


Rod -this story just makes every part of me crawl. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this. Question-- so was this the first time these two creatures used a bat on somebody? They just normally roll around the neighborhoods in an SUV with a baseball bat?

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