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20 April 2010



What a little growth will do, indeed!

It's such a strange conundrum, this music industry, public persona thing. Yes, Fat Joe is SO right. You would be SURPRISED at our many men in the industry are married with children and for images sake, they play single and take it WAY TOO FAR! That's why so many dudes in the industry are AFRAID of people coming out of the closet, because they hold each others' secrets and if the community with the "big secret" starts standing up and standing out, then the curtain falls for them all.

I have been surprised at events to meet Mrs. So-and-So, who was simple and beautiful and sweet and standing on the sidelines because she understands. Her understanding doesn't change her emotions and what it feels like to be hidden. So many wives in the entertainment industry--from music to sports--really understand the closet because they live in it too and watching us struggle has sensitized them and now their husbands because of the conversation that they are having to have with each other.

YES, Rod, you are right, Ricky's "popularity" plays a role in this but his success is about the things he's already done and proven. Ricky hasn't had a song out in almost a decade, yet because he blew down so many doors and put so many other artists on the map with his bold, sexy, hip-shaking, sexuality, they are grateful to him because SO MANY ARTISTS OWE HIM THEIR U.S. SUCCESS!

Now, they are standing by him because they know what a magnanimous move it was and he brought his ENTIRE "family" into pop success with him. The LEAST that they can do it have his back OR shut the hell up entirely!

Fat Joe is saying it and being in the music and television industry for almost 15 years, I know how many people are made to feel invisible--wives, children, fiances, friends, family--and I know how great it is to grab them and give them a special place in the studio or ask if they need something in the Green Room because I saw them get out of the car with the celebrity and therefore, they are family or special. I have also been introduced to many an "assistant" who was SO clearly a boyfriend or a partner and I treated them as such. They would do a double-take that was almost begging to not be outed BUT that was also grateful for not being ignored.

So perhaps we are on to something, with the obviously-perceived gay (Ricky Martin) and the not so obvious (CHECK OUT "THE BUTCH FACTOR" ON LOGO) all coming out and saying JUST SO YOU KNOW...and moving on with their lives and their loves and in their truths!

We, individually, have to begin to take hold of our truths, the truth and walk audaciously ahead. No more extra bedrooms IN YOUR HOME to appease your mother so that she doesn't suspect that you and your "roommate" of many years are partners! SHE KNOWS YOU ARE AND SHE'S ACTUALLY HURT THAT YOU WON'T SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH HER! I have counseled too many families to not share that truth with you. If YOU think YOU have to do something so that THEY don't know...THEY ALREADY KNOW!

Today, I am so grateful to see people standing up for themselves because when we come out of the closets of life (fear, shame, doubt), we are empowered to live more authentic lives and that makes for more success in your workplace, in your health, in your mental well-being because you are no longer hiding and swallowing the truth and living in fear. I am not saying come out to everyone with rainbow ties if you work in corporate America. Please don't hear that. What I am saying is TELL THE TRUTH TO YOURSELF IN YOUR OWN LIFE AND THE PEOPLE YOU WANT TO ACTUALLY BE A PART OF IT AND THEN GET ON WITH LIVING THAT LIFE!

One of the greatest things that ever happened in my life was a producer from Rap City came to me one day at BET and said "Kev, I just want to say thank you for being you. I know it's lots of gay dudes in this business...hell in this company...but they hide and that only makes me suspect about what else they can hide. But you got your posters up (Maxwell, The Rock, Lenny Kravitz) and you just do your job and hug people and say 'LOVE ME OR BACK THE HELL UP!' and it look like everybody love you for that. You made me see gay dudes different. Plus, at the end of the day, I ain't sure you wouldn't whoop my a** if I stepped to you wrong and I respect that!" We hugged and while I was hugging him, I said in his ear..."Dude, be very clear. I WOULD WHOOP YOUR A**!"

It's time for us to love on ourselves, as ourselves and if some people can't take it, well at least it's not killing YOU on the inside. Let them deal with that stuff. YOU'VE GOT A LIFE TO LIVE AND THAT LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE RICH AND ABUNDANT.

Ask me how I know!

(WOW, didn't think that THIS post would prompt THAT response, but I'm grateful it did!))

I love each of you, my brothers! No matter if we agree or you read my words and think I'm full of it. I am!

Love, Love and More Love!
Kevin E. Taylor
(a.k.a. RevKev0


Good for Fat Joe. ...and dang, Rev Kev. Not you typing up a comment that's longer than the article that you're commenting on. Someone needs to get them a blog. :D


OSIRIS...I did tell Rod I was sorry for writing so much. I didn't expect that article to provoke such a response from me.

Steve Harris

Great for Fat Joe, and it does show some growth.

But let's remember, when he did Gay Unit Volume 1, he was dissing 50cent, and in the hip-hop world, being called gay or fag is a huge diss. Even in the gay/out hip-hop community it's unfortunately used as a diss as well. But what really matters is what a person says when the music is off; and that's what I like about this article.

Oh yeah, Ricky Martin won a Latin Grammy in 2007 and released the cd "17" in 2008, and Fat Joe and Ricky are both Puerto Rican....Ricky is still HUGELY popular around the world.



No prob, Kev. I read every word. I like to tease people. :D


@ Steve I disagree- whether you are at the mic or not what you say still matters! Don't be a hater to the cause in public and a supporter out of the public eye.

It's about as bad a closeted, self-hating homosexual politician.

That is why there is a movement now about people saying "That's so gay" using it in a negative connotation has got to stop
(go to http://www.thinkb4youspeak.com/).
No excuses or justifications anymore. Stop the hate!

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