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29 April 2010


Former COGIC

Great story, very powerful.
I like the sense of history and continuity. Thanks Donna.


very nice

J. Gregory Griffin

Thanks Donna! I needed that… I want you to know I value your worth and testimony across the miles of separation; you are one of the few on the firing line authentically void of official expression and ridiculous nonsense (BS). I didn’t have a Dorothy Height, yet I was fortunate enough to be emblazed and pointed miraculously by Charles H. and Dorothy Porter Wesley, etc.

God bless you and Rod for being so thoughtful, validating and insightful.

Fellow Traveler: J. Gregory Griffin


Donna you are such a sweet person. Trust me you are doing it! I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Payne awhile back and I could not believe the glow around her. Please continue shining!


Thank you, Donna, for taking the time to write that.

Thanks, Rod, for inviting it and providing the venue for it.

Pete Webb

diversity. I am a longtime supporter and member of the Human Rights Campaign. I have witnessed first hand her work and commitment around the country. Ms Payne truly lives the advice of Dr Height to “speak up”…I encourage more LGBT people of color and our straight allies to stand up for Civil Rights and Equality. We need more examples of excellence like Dr Height and Ms Payne. Thank you Donna!

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