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12 April 2010



What IS IT with these Right Wingers and their hidden gay lives?! I'm beginning to suspect all of them of having a boy on the side now...


I hope the two men come out of this ok. It's going to be hard to defend yourselves against the charge of murder.


I'm not surprised. Hateful people always reek with hypocrisy. You can't trust what comes out of their mouths, or what goes into them.


Sounds like these white gay guys here in LA. They the first to get on their knees for some mandingo and turn around call you racist slur in a minute.

Taylor Siluwé

With homo-hatred bubbling in Africa and with race matters equally heated in South Africa, too many are going to feel that this White Supremacist, down-low boi-pussy lover actually deserved to bludgeoned and hacked to death.

I mean, there is nothing to like about this man. Still, no one deserves to die like that. Especially when the powers that be, undoubtedly, will sensationalize this event to suit their own homophobic crusades, and bring down further pain and violence onto the heads of African LGBTs.

Gayness is already heralded laughably as "un-African", so now will this horrible person, hater (though "buggerer") of blacks, be held up as a reason to rid Africa of this imported behavioral problem?

Time will tell - shortly.


Well as the saying goes, "You live by the sword and you die by the sword." I have absolutely no sympathy for this creature dying a horrible death. It was the best form of a death sentence he could get. He didn't see it coming until it was too late.

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