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09 April 2010


Monica Roberts

It's past time for all politicians in my home state of Texas (and beyond) to realize that gay baiting doesn't work as a campaign tactic anymore


@ Monica... I disagree.

If that was the case Prez Bush would not have made it back in a second term through all of the gay marriage ballots purposely put up through Carl Rowe.

C Average people are everywhere and are the majority. Religious people are make up a lot this. They can't see pass the Bible and the hate.

She likely denied it to not look like bigot.

Monica Roberts

Whatuthink, maybe what I should have said is that using it as a campaign tactic increasingly has negative costs.

When it comes to referenda, mixed results.

I based my original comment that gay baiting as a political tactic doesn't work on the election of Annise Parker as mayor of Houston.

Parker led all candidates in November with 40% of the vote to make the runoff against Gene Locke, then beat him a month later despite homophobia being injected by outside groups into the runoff campaign.

Example B is the upcoming mayoral runoff election in Gainesville, FL between Craig Lowe (who happens to be gay) and his conservafool opponent Dan Marsh.

Same dynamic here. Lowe led all candidates to get into the runoff, and has much the same profile as Parker in terms of longtime service to the city as an elected official.

Well find out on April 13 whether he gets the seat.

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