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07 April 2010


S. Flemming

Okay ... aside from the obvious silliness of his comments, LOL ... how does he think that will play with his "Christian base" ... I mean he builds his plays on a "monogamy saves the day" template. I am curious to see how his audience responds to this.

The Truth

Well, I guess he needs a way to solidify his heterosexuality...Whatever makes him happy. Do you, TP!


>>> I guess he needs a way to solidify his heterosexuality.

How do you "solidify" heterosexuality? You either are or aren't.

Sounds to me like another gay black man rushing to defend their idols, who are always closet cases or heteros who don't like gays. Lots of comments defending TP and Jamie ... precious few on the teen lesbian whose town turned against here or that 11yo boy who killed himself.

The Truth

I should clarify...solidify his heterosexuality to the media...

He's been wanting the world to see him as "straight"...so, if that's what he wants, good for him.

The bigger problem i have with him is the scene with the gay man in the cake, and the words of Patricia. That is clearly more problematic to the gay community.
That is all.


@ Dalton, I've gotten bs for saying what you said, and I still totally agree. It kills me when these gay black men rush to defend a hetero who honestly would not be caught dead in the same room with them.

S. Flemming

@ The Truth ... I had the same thought. Sadly, black people and some media types will read this mess and be all the more convinced that he's not gay. Stupid.


I don't care if Tyler is gay or not! I love his plays and his films. He hasn't said anything derogatory about gays, so I don't care. If he does come out with that whole anti-gay speech, Like Donnie McTurncoat, then he will lose me as a fan. Tyler is keeping his mouth shut and doing what he wants. If he is gay and chooses to be closeted, he is only hurting himself and no one else.

Cocoa Rican

I don't believe Tyler Perry is heterosexual, but it really doesn't matter what WE (the public) think. Like Ricky Martin and Queen Latifah, some will choose to stop living their lives closeted, while others see the closet as a safe space to navigate their careers from - even if everyone around them "knows".

Tyler is a smart man and I probably would respect him more if he just didn't comment on the subject...to have these absurd stories undermines his strength to me and will embarass him further when HE is dragged out of the closet, hangers dangling from his brow.

As an aside...cool that he can dress in drag without any retiribution though. ;)


I don't comment on this blog often. But it's my daily reading.

I once thought TP was gay but I don't anymore(not because of his comments). He really seems like a pretty decent guy. You don't think if he was gay, he would come out. Call me crazy, but I think he would. What am I missing. I used to be good at this.

ok, don't be too hard on me with your comments. I'm just a straight black female that loves reading this blog.

Daniel Warhol

because he really wants to settle down with a MAN...it's so obvious that it's just painful to see him make various excuses now.


FWIW, I don't care if Perry is gay or if he comes out (as long as he makes no disparaging remarks about gays). It would have been cool if he took the Anderson Cooper route...never confirm or deny, yet go on and happily live your (gay) life. But b/c Perry caters to the Black Christian base, he can't do that. He pretty much has to deny it.

Well truthfully, the only reason I would ever really want to see Perry come out is to see whether his "base" continues to support his projects. I would love to see how that would play out with the largely homophobic black church crowd.

Taylor Siluwé

I love the "...with women" part.

But it's okay, Tyler, nobody expects you to settle down with a woman. Really. So relax.

One of my Perry favs is The Family That Preys. An awesome film which lets us know the great filmmaker our boy is fast becoming. His films are the only ones which has my butt in a seat on opening weekend. 'Cause I'm supportive like that.

My hope is that he'll do a film with a coming-out story in it. A project that would be beneficial to his black churchy audience, and, I believe, personally therapeutic to the writer.

Anthony in Nashville

This is the funniest story I've read on 2.0 in a good minute.

Tyler Perry a playa? With women? LOL LOL LOL.

Lang B

Extremely Great point S. Flemming-I never thought about it from that angle. "Too busy to settle down" would have been a safer response. Love his film though.


I guess you can call his comments "baby steps". I agree with what VJ said earlier. Don't confirm or deny. Just do your thing and stop playing a role.

S. Flemming

@ Lang B ... yeah it's crazy right? How much you wanna bet in a week's time, if not sooner, he's gonna try to step back from that with some cock and bull excuse. I'd put money on it. He will probably put it just the way you described it to clean it up - he's too busy. Very interesting.


I have always supported Tyler Perry's work and will continue to do so, but here's my real problem with him: he thinks people are stupid! He really thinks he's fooling people. It's not even believable for him to actually be with a woman, but aside from that, he shou just do what's been said here. Don't confirm or deny....do u. These crazy excuses that he keeps making because he's feeling the heat of being 40 and not married, aren't necessary.


I ask this without cynacism or a mocking tone but is he really gay?


Rod, is this a late April Fool's joke or something?

I am %100 serious here.


I'm fine with him as long as he doesn't spew hate and horror about the lgbt community. I think he is smart enough not to say anything like that. Too many people have his information and can turn him out.

The problem with a neither confirming nor denying, is that in the black community that is seen as both a confirmation, and a challenge to find out. The black people I've seen seem to think they have a right to come up to you and out you in your face. They are some bold mother-shut yo mouths.

Kevin Perez

Yes, the Black Church's very DADT. The very same people who feign ignorance and claim they don't know want to know your business, when deep down, they REALLY, REALLY want to know. ESPECIALLY Straight Blacks.


@ The Truth:

I totally agree with you and sorry if I jumped the gun. The scene with the gay man in the cake was just awful and as silly as the tamborine queens he used to have in his plays.

Tyler obviously has his defenders here and across the GBM community. But we're so used to mediocrity we consider people "allies" if they don't bash us. Color me unimpressed.

@ VJ

You're absolutely right. I've gotten enough grief on this blog for calling out GBMs who support homophobic athletes and celebrities who have NEVER helped or supported our community. That's our people though. smh


Even Ricky Martin is laughing


Tyler should really learn to keep his mouth shut.

This is the most laughable thing I've read all day.

And I read a lot of funny s***.


"I don't comment on this blog often. But it's my daily reading.

I once thought TP was gay but I don't anymore(not because of his comments). He really seems like a pretty decent guy. You don't think if he was gay, he would come out. Call me crazy, but I think he would. What am I missing. I used to be good at this.

ok, don't be too hard on me with your comments. I'm just a straight black female that loves reading this blog."

@ Janice (^ur quote above)

I was going to cut it down but what you said was so fake each sentence that I couldn't. You purposely covered yourself without anyone debating you first. I believe you are a blogger hired by TP or his PR. Yo statement is such BS. It's like reading what TP released. WHAT A JOKE!

Janice is fake!

TP... ur gay! We know this. I don't see any women wanting you in the first place. Oh hold it, just for you're money 'cause you know how women are.

What I think other fail realize is that TP isn't in the closet. That man is out it's just he didn't tell the world. In the closet is when you don't recognize you're sexuality yourself. Not when everyone in world knows. There are plenty of people who don't know I'm gay but I know who I am and I only have gay relations.

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