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20 April 2010



Rest in Peace Dorothy! I wont be sad because she had a GREAT Ride! 98 years is s Blessing and she used those years to bring about CHANGE! I celebrate her!


Well done mother. Go and rest now. Bless you.

Account Deleted

What I find funny is that there a lot of Black activists of the PAST and present that have always supported LGBT equality for the longest time before the nonsense of "Gay rights are not civil rights" BS that the straights claimed came about and yet their accomplisments are downplayed, trivialized and are simply a mere footnote.

Heck, watching Disney's The Emperor's New Groove, I found out the actress that played Yzma, the villain, was played by a woman by the name of Eartha Kitt and she also SUPPORTED LGBT rights as well! She died 08 of December, sadly. Why are these types of people never mentioned in Black communities? Or better, why are they hidden.

If I had known about people like Dorothy Height, MLK's wife and Eartha Kitt, Baldwin and OTHERS before I became negative about the homophobia in the Black community and Black people in general, I probably would've never gotten into those emotional tirades during Prop 8 and in general.


Dorothy Height was an extraordinary champion of civil rights and certainly one of my sheroes. I texted a friend about her passing today and he responded back "Who is Dorothy Height?" We have to do better in terms of instilling our rich legacy in our youth and obviously some of our grown adults. I'm 32 and he's 28 so there's no reason he shouldn't have known who this woman was. Its more than just Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. We have heros and sheroes across the world who have contributed amazing things. I always admired Ms. Height and had the opportunity to meet her once at the University of MD. It is women like Ms. Height which made me cry for about 20 minutes when I got into my car after voting for Barack Obama president. It wasn't for Barack, but it was for all of the blood, sweat, and tears that were shed, and lives lost so that I could have an opportunity to be able to vote for a Black man as president in 2008. God Bless You Ms. Height. You've worked hard and are now deserving of an eternal, peaceful rest.


@Kevin P.
i'm glad you are seeing a different side of the black community. a lot of our older brothers and sisters are not as judgmental as one might believe. they've seen too much to care. older blacks in hollywood and those involved in civil rights were often more accepting of lgbt people. lena horne, carmen mcrae, billie holiday, billy strayhorn and far too many to name didn't care about a person's sexuality. even today; a lot of young actors don't care either. they just aren't as vocal in their stand against homophobia.

and to Ron. one has to be interested enough in our history to seek out some of our forgotten pioneers. there are lots of interesting stories about many of our ancestors and how they behaved and who they loved in their youth. people were carrying on during the harlem renaissance and also on the gospel circuit that existed back in the day.


What an absolutely incredible woman! May she rest in peace! She leaves behind an indelible legacy that will not be forgotten!


Beautiful Woman, Beautiful Soul, She will be remembered with much love..


A stalwart of a woman. Her voice will be sorely missed.

Honut Sinti

Dr. Height was such a blessing. Her time on this earth will always be remembered as many of us will continue to benefit from her contributions.

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