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25 April 2010


Former COGIC

I didn't really get the cherry battle but liked the other segments. Yeah and imo the monologue was a little dry and also Gabby was nervous, bless her. But she found her groove on DMV and as Rose in the window lol


Do your thang Gabby!


She had some really good moments. The crazy lady yelling out the window was hilarious. She also sounded just like some of those public employee girls. I was very proud of her. They also showed a trailer for a new series that she's in. She should be very pleased.


very happy to see gabby getting her shine and thanks for the clips


Where is the one with the alarm clocks thats the only real funny one to me. They gave her too many ghetto black girl characters in my opinion.


my bf laughed at the cherry battle. i didnt get it. those digital clips are very hit and miss for me. i agree she was nervous at first but she did well in most of her appearances.

the next episode with Betty White should be interesting...


I loved her. I watch SNL every week and she did better than most.

The crazy genius in the windo was HILARIOUS and, yes, she was nervous for her opening monologue/skit but it was funny to me.

I am definitely looking forward to how they handle the legendary Betty White!

Honut Sinti

She did a good job on SNL.

alicia banks

i hated this

it was degrading to me


why could he not catch her spit cherries...nahmean???

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