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02 April 2010


Daniel Warhol

Perfect Tens He is not....


Perfect 10s Trey Songz IS!
Thank you!

The Truth

He is so aesthetically pleasing...Oh, how i love some Tremaine Neverson. lol

Prime Time

Nope. He a hot mess. Ain't feeling him at all. And, what woman is going to lust after his gay looking self? Ick.


@Prime Time:

Jealous much?

You know what they say, bottoms hate the competition especially when it's a butch queen.

I'll hurt Trey Songz hot and phine azz...


What Dantrell and The Truth said...
The boy is hot and he can sang!


I think he looks good, but he's just another industry puppet. His label made him beef up so he could try and stand apart from the other little boys in his genre. But I do think his body is amazing!


I prefer him to Chris beat her down Brown but he's just a boy... I prefer men !


Jealousy is in the room.

The boy isn't ugly at all.

I'll top him.


@ Whatuthink, I don't think people here are jealous. I just think that not everyone is impressed. U can't deny that he looks good, but no everyone is into him.


To each his own but I think he is hot and looks even hotter in this video shoot.



Daniel Warhol

im not saying he don't look good...but those who know what perfect tens IS....is face, body, and realness... he is CUTE, but NOT face, he has body, but it's average (a nice 8 but no ten), and realness....are you KIDDING ME...you can smell his zestiness...

i'm just being honest.


Trey... u can only speak for Trey.

I don't expect people to admit it.

Denial is not only a river.


@ Daniel:

"are you KIDDING ME...you can smell his zestiness...i'm just being honest."

Do you get upset when straight men call gay men 'punks', 'f-g' or 'f-ggot'? You shouldn't because you're doing the same thing. And I'm just being honest. smh.

Some of you queens are a piece of work when it comes to other black gay men or anyone you perceive as competition. I'd love to see how some of you look because you know the boys like Trey mop the floor and can get all the hot trade. ALL of them!


There's sex appeal and there's OVER doing it. I love Trey, his album is GREAT, but he is become over-sexualized. Its starting to become a turn off.


@ Everett I agree, I get so sad when gay men call each other gay in a negative way. One poster said "what woman is going to lust after his gay looking self? Ick."

Please, if a man is straight, gay, bi, etc., he can still be attractive to anyone. We are talking physical beauty as 99.9 percent of the people who think Trey is cute will never meet him. Let them have the fantasy.

Lets stop calling each other gay and meaning it in a NEGATIVE way.


Thanks @Everett & Raheem for calling out the self hate among these other posters?

@Prime Time, your comment was particularly offensive, are you a self hating gay man? A jaded lonely woman? Who's gonna "lust after his gay lookin self?" Really? Apparently hordes of women (and men!)

Fun story from the other day, a gorgeous woman pulled up next to my car at a red light and we stared at each other for a min, then she finally asked, "are you gay?" so I'm like, "yeah", she says, "DAYUM, all the finest ones are!" We shared a laugh, it wasn't malicious, and she seemed confident enough in herself that she could find a fine straight man eventually, and she pulled off.

Hopefully, whatever you're going through, you'll one day be able to love yourself as much as she does.

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