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14 May 2010


Kevin Perez

It's actually somewhat of a relief that even some of Obama's critics are Black. Hate to say it but I was guilty of having the perception that all Black people held Obama to such a high esteem and virtually had no critics. Yes, even Black gays.... Of course, that's pretty much debunked here on this blog ;)


People of any color that are paying attention notice the demographics of new infections. My best friend has been positive for over 30 years. I've lost two partners myself. I'm definitely biased. At 55 I may be a useless old queen but you can add my voice to the choir.

Former COGIC

>>>Obama's most recent HIV/AIDS budget proposed a 2 percent increase over prior spending and many states are cutting back on AIDS funding. New data reveal the epidemic is now much larger in black communities. Black and Latino gay and bisexual men—especially younger ones—are the hardest demographics hit.

And yet most black people (and black gay men) are still reluctant to constructively criticize the president. It's like a no fly zone.

Glad to see Mr and Mrs Obama speaking at HBCUs this month. A nice gesture.Personally I would prefer his administration didnt slash funding to HBCUs, AIDS, backtrack on needle exchanges and give so much money to Wall Street mortgage brokers that ripped off struggling homeowners.

Also glad to see so many black folks demonstrating and standing up for their community. So much for the 'everyone who criticizes Obama is a white racist'. You can't solve the problem if you keep denying it's happening. And its very alarming that when HIV infections are increasing in black community, the White House funding is barely keeping up with inflation.

I really want to hear some of our black LGBT voices talk about this, once they stop obsessing over Beyonce and Rihanna.


What sort of protests are being done on the local level where these states who are doing the funding are being cut back?

And its not about who's criticizing him. Its about what they're criticizing him about. If you're someone going on and on about his birth certificate or your taxes being raised or death panels being created in a bill you haven't taken the time out to read yourself and have no substantive evidence to back up your claims then you're motives may be in question. But if you're like these people who have something worth protesting about with evidence to support it then more power to you.

Former COGIC

>>>"What sort of protests are being done on the local level where these states who are doing the funding are being cut back?"

Ursovain, you must be new to this blog or didn't follow the links. There have been AIDS funding protests from California to NYC. Some very large ones in South and North Carolina.It's been reported here for months.

And sorry but sometimes it does matter who is doing the protesting. It sends one message if all all-white group of gay men is in the street, another if there are many black people. Especially because AIDS hurts black people the most and black ppl, especially black gay men, are not very vocal. And there is plenty of substance in much of the criticisms from gays, progressives and HIV activists.

I'm not even sure why you brought up the birther nonsense. Obviously no one at this blog believes it that. It has absolutely ZERO to do with this discussion. It's pretty safe to assume almost al of the readers here voted for Obama.


You have at least one that voted for Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente. I'm not black so it may not count.


Seriously? "Killed by Obama's Broken Promises"...the operative word being "killed". Come on folks, I've supported very few Obama initiatives since he hit the national stage, and I've been a vociferous critic of his policies as president, but those signs are the worst cases of hyperbole mine eyes have seen for quite some time.

It's good to see my people holding him accountable (FINALLY) for his unmet promises, but can't we keep it classy?

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