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22 May 2010



Few things broke my heart more than to hear about the fraud or alleged fraud caused by Doris Kearney (at COLOURS in Philly) and (allegedly) Michael Roberson (the allegedly forced out former director of POCC, People of Color in Crisis in NYC).

But, I hope that these horrible incidents and alleged incidents will not turn city, state, and federal funders against black-run HIV/AIDS prevention agencies.

This is the time when we need the funding the most.

There are fantastic, honest leaders among black-run AIDS prevention and black gay empowerment agencies. Here are but a few:

DR. RON SIMMONS, the President/CEO of Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc. (UHU), a nonprofit agency dedicated to reducing HIV infection in Washington, DC. Take note: UHU was founded in 1985! The The Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) in NYC was founded in 1982. Thus, black-owned AIDS prevention agencies are just as old and established as their white-founded counterparts.

MR. CLEO MANAGO, founder and CEO of the African, American Advocacy, Support-Services & Survival Institute (AmASSI) based in from Atlanta to Baltimore and beyond. Mr. Manago is a visionary whose black male-focused creative programming ideas have reached many suffering individuals.

And here is an update on COLOURS:

The COLOURS Organization in Philly is still going strong. Its founder, Michael Hinson, stepped in as Interim Director after Ms. Kearney was prosecuted and the organization had turned itself around.

Currently, Robert K. Burns is the Interim Executive Director and I hope that the agency finds a visionary permanent director soon.


somebody needs to check Pocaan in Seattle. Unfortunately too many organizations forget about the scope of their work and instead worry about their paychecks. too many unqualified administrators are letting our people die.


So unfortunate. Money like this should not have been wasted when people are in dire need. They need to get it together and focus on what's most important.

Honut Sinti

This is just awful. I too hope these money mismanagement and fraud incidents will not have a detrimental impact on ongoing private and government funding to our minority HIV/AIDS help organizations.



Dorena Kearney was prosecuted and convicted for misusing funds from the Colours Organization in Philadelphia, so you don't have to qualify your statements about her as "alleged."
Many in positions of power and influence in this society seem to have integrity issues. I think the history and culture of this country are plagued by hypocrisy, and, unfortunately, even many of us from historically disenfranchised groups, victims of that hypocrisy, are infected by that mindset.

barton hughes


Michael Hinson has been a great voice and force for lbgt related issues in Philly, but he's not the only founder of Colours. Know of Elliott Prescod and others?

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