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06 May 2010



I hope that her views aren't representative of this jury. Otherwise, there will be a "not guilty" or deadlocked jury on the hate crime charge. And is it proper for her to discuss this case before this case has been resolved? What does it take for people to recognize the hate motive in these type of crimes? And what's the point of having hate crime legislation if the juries are too stupid or bigoted to acknowledge the hate spewed by the criminals?

Just thinking out loud. I don't put much faith in the jury system. I have served on two juries and neither experience was pleasant. People will stubbornly hold on to views that don't match the evidence in front of them.


Interestingly, if these guys are convicted they will essentially be some of the first persons ever given seemingly a life sentence for a hate crime: now look at the others who were charged but never convicted of the newly created “hate crime;” yet our young brothers are going to be an example, not saying that their actions weren’t egregious.

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