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05 May 2010



omg I love Estelle thank you!


Great interview Rod! Oh snap the single's on sale on Estelle's website? Lemme go buy and download now! (Ok well tomorrow when I get paid) But I'll be pumping this in Palm Springs this weekend!


love estelle and am looking forward to the new album. the single is very catchy.

and she is unfortunately correct, the gay community is very segregated here.

and on that note, rod i've disagreed with you on things but this is a great interview. impressive that you know have had everyone from estelle to obama on this blog.


WERK!I will read all of this as soon as I get off!


I LUV Estelle! I guess I would since I know that John Legend had something to do with her work herer in USA. I bought the first American released CD and I went back and discovered heer previous work and she is really a diamond in the raw! She is shining now! FREAK is HOTT! I saw her on Rip The Runway on BET and she wore me out with FREAK!! Now I cannot wait until the new CD to drop! It is ashame they we are segregated but that is how it works here. I doubt if it will ever change. GO ESTELLE and THANKS Rod for the interview.


Love the song and the video.

Too long time since we had a good dance/house type song by a mainstream artist that was not a remix.

Being from Canada I love the Canadian (Toronto) content with Kardinal Offishall doing the rap!


Good stuff man. I saw her two weeks ago in Minneapolis. Her voice is totally underrated, I'm always impressed with her pipes.


estelle is the mf'ing bomb!

Steve R

Love Estelle, love this interview.


very nice interview...I like her "Freak" single..thx Rod


First of all I'm a major Estelle fan. So I am doing all kinds of happy dances right now to hear that she is releasing another single. And I'm also Canadian so big ups for the Canadian love here with Kardinal Offishall. Much love!



This is fiyah, Rod! I am so proud of you and so glad to see you "EXPAND THE BRAND!" I am honored to call you my friend and I am so happy to see you broadening the horizon of your name, your gifts and your unique voice!

The interview is so HOT and now, there's ESTELLE and STEPH JONES and I am so excited to see who and what is next!!!!! BRAVO!

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