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26 May 2010


Black Pegasus

That's great! Maybe I need to start checking for one of them phine Fed Ex Menz big heavy packages.


i'm actually surprised they didnt already offer this.


I'm also kind of surprised to find out that FedEx is only just now offering same-sex partner benefits. It's easy to forget that not all big companies are equally progressive in this area.


Of course they'd do this when I leave the company. But, it's good progress for those that remain. You also have to remember that FedEx is domiciled in the South. There were other barriers that had to be crossed as well. From my experience, the company is very socially responsible and plays a key role in keeping many markets around the world employed. I know of several out influential management AND senior level-executives whose careers were not hindered by orientation. The fact that benefits were already extended in California meant that sooner or later they would trickle east. Sometimes signing a petition (which I did while I was still employed there) and being a member of the company's LGBT network does work! I'm happy for them. Some progress is better than none. And always remember, if no one fights for rights, then why should a company extend benefits such as this? When we started to fight, the company took action. Just my 2 cents from an (former) insider's perspective.

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