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18 May 2010


Ashley V.

Harsh is an understatement. I'm devastated for them. It's painful to know that this may be the very end of Steven and Tiwonge. I heard that Steven is very sick to the point where he is in need of hospital care, but he is being denied this. I hate the entire situation.


This story is so heart breaking. It makes me cry on the inside, so much...


Look at the face of the man in red, on the left in the lower picture. Look at the pleasure he takes from deriding the two gay men, from causing them suffering, from knowing they will probably die. That is the face of right-wing Christianity.

Do not think that this is some “Malawi thing,” or some “African thing.” Your right-wing Christian neighbor or co-worker would take the same pleasure in seeing you put to death, right here in the U.S.A., if only he could.

He may smile at the water cooler or on the street. But the principle he worships—who he proudly calls “God”—is really Satan, and his day may come.


Very sad. Brings tears to my eyes.


This is just gut-wrenching!!!


I believe the word you were looking for in your headline was 'Indecency'


Jim is right on, unfortunately. Such complete stupidity. Thanks for the reality check, Rod.

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Peace to Rod & A-L-L!

"If one member of us suffers, a-l-l suffer; if one has cause to rejoice, a-l-l of us can rejoice..." [1 Cor 12:26]

Malawi's malevolence towards these two men reflects the reprecussions around our One World: where racism,
homophobia, fascism, that is, putting economic interests above any and a-l-l ethical standards, aside, are scapegoating innocents for want of escape from woes with societal and one's own dire living circumstances.

The true love of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga for each other is more than courageous, more than extraordinary, more than both natural and Human: indeed, theirs is saintly and Divine in Jesus' very own analysis, "There is no greater love than to lay down one's own life for a friend."

Playing on St. Paul's words above, Dr. King's revolutionary realness reflects, not only dear Steven and dear Tiwonge's case but each of us and a-l-l of our Humanity, our only
One World: "An injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere."

Prayers and intentions are sent in our Spirit to both Steven and Tiwonge, to each other as ONE!

As for Malawi: "Make Them Hear You [A-C-T-I-O-N from a-l-l of Us]!"

Tell Secy of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to "Let Freedom Ring" from your phone 'jack' to Malawi & back:

Contact Information
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520
Main Switchboard: 202-647-4000

We, the People, ARE the P-O-W-E-R!
Don't just point fingers: press the point and those digits!

A-l-l I am,
Steadfast in Spirit & in Truth,

Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor
One World Life Systems

Black Pegasus

A part of me just died after reading this story. It's a stark reminder of the liberties we take for granted in the United States.

Tim Lee

What a wretchedly awful story. Very heart breaking. The inhumanity done in the name of religion is breath taking (but is becoming all too common).


This is beyond sad. I cant even fathom how cruel and unkind so called humans can be


Thanks for the contact reference Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea. Passed the information along to U.S Department of State and they released the following yesterday at 2:10 daily brief about the incident in Malawi:

"The United States is deeply disappointed in today’s conviction of same-sex couple Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza in Malawi. We view the criminalization of sexual orientation and gender identity as a step backward in the protection of human rights in Malawi. The Government of Malawi must respect the human rights of all of its citizens. The United States views the decriminalization of sexual orientation and gender identity as integral to the protection of human rights in Malawi and elsewhere in the world."


If anyone would like to write Steven and Twigone, here is the address: Steven Monjeza/Twigone Chimbalanga, Prisoners, Chichiri Prison, P.O. Box 30117, Blantyre 3, Malawi

Also the only word our government can use is "disappointment?" That is so ridiculous and I think cowardly. Disappointment? Maybe you use that word if your son gets a C in Math, not when two innocent men are sent to prison for 14 years where they, no doubt, will be brutalized and probably murdered. I have already written my letter to them, and I hope it gets to them.

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