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04 May 2010


Gee Gee

These are scary statistics, but they are so true. A reality that most black people refuse to see until they contract this disease. Remember HIV/AIDS can be treated, but not cured. I work in a high school and there are teen girls who are working on their 3rd baby. Sex amongst teens is at an all time high....And none of them think about contraception.


Thanks for presenting this info- this should be addressed (Dallas resident)


Have Mercy! In an information age where practically everyone is on twitter, myspace and facebook sharing information with one another about any and everything, why is it that the HIV statistics are still rising? Is it that people just dont care? Has HIV become the "cool" disease to get? Do people feel like they are going to eventualy get it anyway so I mine as well hurry the process by getting infected as fast as I can? WHAT THE HELL!!!!

The same amount of fear about SARS and the H1N1 Flu that everyone is fearful of and the precautions everyone is taking to NOT get those sicknesses is the same precautions people need to use in order to protect themselves from getting HIV (or any STD for that matter).

Again, I just dont get it and this hurts me to read these statistics. I guess we really have to step up our game by educating others of the physical and emotional effects of getting HIV.

Brothers and Sisters, WAKE UP!

Dallas Cowboy

WHOA.I'm also in Dallas and didn't hear about this. Props to Rod and thanks for the info and article.


"Is it that people just don't care?" Somebody said.

I think so! There is NO MORE that can be said, or done, or written, preached or imparted. And everyone seems to have gotten the message except people of color, including the so-called men who have sex with other men.

If we recognize that everyone has their own path to take in life and that nobody else can change it, then it might help to understand that folk can talk, teach and worry until the moon turns green, the cows come home and we turn blue in the face - THEY AREN'T GOING TO HEAR NONE OF IT UNTIL THEY'RE DIAGNOSED AND THEN HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT!

I keep hearing "What more can be done" and I think - NOTHING! It's all been done before, and if young men, adults, and black folk don't listen, then the chips will fall where they may!


Who couldn't see this coming? The information is there and people keep making bad decisions. It's only going to get worse. I knew the fight against hiv/AIDS was being lost by the increase of new porn sites portraying people having raw sex. Every time I see one I keep thinking I'm watching someone being infected with hiv. That is not a good indicator.


I agree with @FREELEO I hardly ever see the usage of condoms in porn nowadays and its only going to get worst. I'm so glad I made it out of my young and wild stage SAFELY and is now going into my 3rd yr of celibacy and I'm only 23. Its TOO scary out there.

Andy Niable

Thank you so much, Rod, for your continuing coverage about this very important--and often ignored--aspect of the ongoing AIDS epidemic.


@FREELO and @Corey

I absolutely agree, I don't know why these guys think its cute to go bareback! Under the guise that it "feels so good" and "its so sexy". Yeah well, we'll see how sexy it is when you have to deal with taking a gaggle of pills everyday for the rest of your life! People can be so numbingly reckless until they have to deal with the tragic consequences. People are gonna do what they wanna do at the end of the day, but I hope these statistics can be a breakthrough for at least one young man living so dangerously...


@Cafflo, your celibacy is to be commended.


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Da 'RealistOne

That is just truly sad and beyond words...

Cafflo, Big Props brotha...
I'm right up there with you man (and actually even longer, LOL)

Its too scary and simply not worth the risk. Unfortunately guys like us are placed in a position where we have to really "go against the grain" because of our decision to refrain from sex.

This lifestyle isn't conducive for those who practice abstinence/celibacy and like others have said even though the information is out there, it seems to go in one ear and out the other.

Im not sure if there will ever be a "turnaround" point, but I hope this information will wake at least one person up to practice safer sex, or take other measures to ensure their health isn't jeopardized by something as diminutive as temporary sexual gratification.


Seems like ancient history now, but in the early 1990's (during the days of ACT-UP) condoms seemed to be more or less 'standard equipment'....
people actually seemed to care about prevention...! At the very least, if a person accepts responsibility for their diagnosis, and gets on meds....the risk(s) of HIV transmission in the event of an occasional bareback session are *greatly* reduced


As sad as this sounds I am not surprised by the stats. Unlike the previous generations they did not see the impact that this virus had back in the day. With the advancement in TREATMENTS its not looked at as fearfully as it once was.

Also there was a study that was conducted not to long ago that showed that homophobia contributes to alot of recklessness in the community. I am sure there are a good number of gay/bi men who feel they will eventually get it because of it(homophobia) so they act recklessly.

Another factor is also this stupid abstinence program that has been taught in the schools for the past few years. STD's are up and pregnancies are up. I dont think this is a case of people not caring but people not getting the information they need until its to late.


I think things have been done but "WE" just don't get it. I put myself in that category because I was once young and carefree! I think you really cannot blame porn because there is a policy and a clause played before any video is played. First you have to start off loving yourself and finding out who you are and what you want in life. Second choose your partners wisely and if you desire to have multiple at least let the others know about it so they can make the choice of maintaining a sexual relationship with you. Third get tested once every six months to know your status. Fourth abstinence. The latter works best. Just my thoughts!

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