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23 May 2010



Naturally, the Republican Party will make a big deal about this election, especially since it is in the district where Obama was born and raised, but it really has little meaning.

This was a special election without a primary—fourteen candidates altogether—and there was one major Republican running against two major Democrats, who split the vote almost evenly. Djou got 39.4% of the vote compared to the Democrats’ combined 58.4%.

This November, there will only be a single Democrat running for the seat, since there will have been a primary. Barring some Republican miracle, Djou will lose to a Democrat in November, so he might wait a bit before signing a contract for a condo in D.C.

The important thing for Hawai‘i is for Neil Abercrombie to win the Democratic primary for governor this September, rather than his homophobic, egomaniacal, and opportunistic Mormon opponent, Mufi Hannemann (currently mayor of Honolulu).

M. Mark

What Jim said.
Djou is a seat warmer for Case or Hanabusa. Its a shame the Dems didnt get it together this time but the site is almost theirs to lose in November.

And is it me or does Djou have a sever case of gaysian face?


Yeah from what I read he will be out in November, this was just because one of the dems wouldn't drop and they split the vote.

James M

His skeletons will soon be out there for the world to see, very soon.....

Black Pegasus

JIM - I second that! His win is as significant as my nose hair. The Dems will take it back in November.

M. Mark - LOL he does trigger my "Gurl Please" alarm. I think he's not only in the closet but BEHIND it as well.

Black Pegasus

ONE MORE THING! I watched the video and

Did you all see how those Hate Merchants erupted in applause after he said he's against Gay's having the right to marry? Why would denying someone else a right make you feel so good?

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