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16 May 2010



If it's the same then what's the big deal? Let it pass.


It certainly won’t surprise anyone here if Gov. Lingle vetoes the civil unions bill.

She was able to become governor here because she portrayed herself as a moderate (and because she had a weak opponent), but in the last two years, with no possibility of running again, she has moved to the right of the people here, probably to impress the national party in hopes of getting an appointment in someone’s administration.

The only reason I can see for Lingle vetoing this bill is fear. She is probably gay, and she might fear that someone would blow her cover if she vetoes this. (I sure hope someone has the goods on her and is willing to use them.) That would certainly kill her future in the Republican Party.


"Hawaii's Republican Gov. Linda Lingle..."

"Stridently anti-gay Republican Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona..."

And then a photo of the governor at and RNC meeting...

REALLY? Ok we get it, you don't like Republicans, how original!


“REALLY? Ok we get it, you don't like Republicans, how original!”

Yes, GBM and GOP. How intelligent of you to notice. The only reason Rod is mentioning these people is because they are Republicans.

Not because they are homophobes who would deny all gay people basic human rights. No, not that. Not because they would teach gay people to hate themselves. No, not that. Not because their homophobia inspires and abets anti-gay violence. No, not that either.

Nor is there any correlation between Republicanism and homophobia. (Gee, I wonder what mental condition correlates to being GOP while GBM...)

Rod is nothing more than a paid agent of the DNC. Now that you have found him out, he might as well just shut the blog down.


>>>REALLY? Ok we get it, you don't like Republicans, how original!

No sweety, the Republicans don't like us. And if you're black and gay they HATE you child ...

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