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25 May 2010


Andy Niable

"Of the three leading candidates" is the key phrase here: the Republican won because the other candidates split the Democratic vote.

And let's all hold our breath to see when the Governor has tea with the pro-LGBT folks. To be fair, right, Linda?


Linda Lingle "meets" with gays every night when she goes him. Except she calls her GF a "good friend." Dont'cha Linda hmmm?


“Recently the governor shared the factors she’ll be considering...”

I think this is nonsense. There’s only one factor Linda Lingle will be considering when she decides what to do with this bill, and that is her political future.

If she signs the Civil Unions Bill, then her future with the national Republican Party will be destroyed. That’s just how “big tent” the Republicans have become.

On the other hand, if she vetoes the Civil Unions Bill, someone may publicly present proof that she is gay, and then her future with the national Republican Party will be destroyed.

(Nobody said it was easy being a closeted gay Republican.)

There is a third alternative, however: She can do nothing, and the bill will become law by default.

My bet is she’ll veto, with a possibility of doing nothing, and no chance of signing. If she signs, I’ll attend synagogue with her.

Mad Professah

If you have information that Linda Lingle is gay then that information should be sent to the media.

It's clearly relevant to reporting the story...

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