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27 May 2010



Oh Happy Day!

Former COGIC

this is great news, so freakin happy to hear this.




wow....change is coming, but i hope they are careful with execution of the change.

Da 'RealistOne

OK, can we get more clarification on this please?
Im reading other GLBT sources and it appears that this "repeal" isn't exactly what it's cracked up to be.

From what Im reading is that specific wording of DADT was "masked" for the meantime until Obama, Mullen, and the top Generals all decide when the REAL repeal takes place AFTER the year long study.
(which is basically asking permission from the other troops would they be okay with it)

Actual repeal may yet and still be years away.


By December this should be a done deal. The right is trying to mount some sort of campaign against the repeal. If the President, the Senate Armed Services, and the House of Rep, say it's a go, more then likely it's going to happen.

The argument that the right has won't make any sense to most people. Too many gays and lesbians have already served with distinction to make the claim that they will disrupt the military.


Was Rep. Artur Davis a no vote on this bill? I bet he was.


Wait a minute, I'm confused...isn't Charles Djou rabidly anti-gay? I know it's been implied on this site on several occasions.

Rod Mc

@ Facebook: Sigh. I never said Djou was "rabidly anti-gay". I've always said that he supported DADT repeal, had no position on ENDA, and opposed marriage equality. And how is the GOP treating you and its two or three other black gay members? LOLz -RM


My bad. The word "rabidly" was an exaggeration...but I never said, you said, he was such. I said it was "implied" on this site.

I can't say the GOP has treated me less kind than the countless number of black gay liberals I've encountered lately. In fact, my conservative colleagues have been more receptive. I realize everything is not well with most Republicans and the homosexual community, but someone has to be the bridge. Someone has to try and educate to change perceptions.

What am I to denounce my family members because they still have concerns about homosexuality too? I'd rather take the time to try and educate them first.
Only 5 of 198 House Republicans voted to repeal DADT. Many of your GOP friends who voted "no" stood on the House floor and denounced gays. Keep ignoring the GOP's anti-gay record and their racist rhetoric, Mr. Black Gay Republican, and keep trying to make this about me. Good luck. -RM

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