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19 May 2010



'Specter changed parties to save one job -- his, not yours' -- Good one, and right on the money. As is your comment about the 'Democratic wing of the Democratic Party', a point which many spin-meisters are missing today.

Former COGIC

Cosign Reggie. Specter's switch was strictly to get reelected. And high five to Sestak for "not taking one for the team." Why should he? He's been a Democrat all his life, Specter fought on us on many issues.

Arlen Specter, I appreciate your many many years of service. I appreciate your votes for health care and support on (some) LGBT issues. Thank you and enjoy your retirement.

Hello Admiral Sestak!


Let's hope Sestak can beat extreme right-winger Pat Toomey. A recent poll, which examined hypothetical match-ups, had Sestak five points behind Toomey. I wonder if that's due to Sestak's relative lack of name recognition statewide. And don't forget that Pennsylvania elected Rick Santorum to the first of his two Senate terms in the 1994 elephant stampede. Perhaps the Democrats are better prepared for this mid-term...again, let's hope.

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