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08 May 2010



Just another excuse to post these pics LOL Rod u a mess!

Daniel Warhol

Iconic my ass...he looks like a gay harriet tubman


Please...! More like iconic, how YOU durrin'?


Cafflo, I was thinking the same thing, Rod is a mess on the sly lol

The Truth

This photoshoot was a amn mess.


WOW, I didn't know it took THAT many words to say "I SCREWED UP!"

Honut Sinti

Uh, Kobe honey, baby, sweet cakes, pookie, munchkin, child...come here.

Now, listen to your Aunt Ollie Mae...I don't want to hurt your feelings as I know you want to explore yourself...but...this ain't working for 'ya sugar. Now take that stuff off and go on home.


LOL @ Honut Sinti

I'm a million miles removed from the world of fashion shoots, but seriously: Doesn't someone with Kobe's power and clout get to approve the clothes they put on him and the photos taken of him?

It's not like he needs more exposure to build up his brand. It's not like he needs the cash. He must have signed off on this. So how can this all be blamed only on the stylist or the photographer?

Besides, Bayard Rustin was a Quaker. I kind of like Quakers.

Rod Mc

These comments are funny, y'all making me laugh. The stylist said Kobe signed off on all these photos, which is standard procedure for a celebrity of that magnitude. Kobe likes this look. (shrugs) -RM


Actually, I don't think the outfits are terrible, though they are not to my personal taste. They did make him look like he's wearing what we used to call pancake souffle make-up, though, and that's not cute.


Kobe and the Lakers can go to hell!


I agree the clothes are ok, the all white look can work but the styling is off and most importantly Kobe does not look RELAXED OR COMFORTABLE..... he is not smizing ( as Tyra would say) at all.
The photographer seems lost.


Kobe signed off on these Rod?! then Kobe needs to get his head check cause this ashy, Male Aunt Jemima look he's giving is a MASSIVE FAIL!

Then again, I've never thought of Kobe as being cognizant OR aware of much of anything..so, on second thought, he WOULD sign off on these and assume they were "hot" when they are SO NOT.


Are Kobe and Shaq still beefing? I can definitely see these pictures being put on the wide screen during a game to thunderous laughter from the fans...

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