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20 May 2010



This is so sad. It seems like our country would do more to further human rights across the globe than constantly "expressing disapproval."


This is so sad. It breaks my heart because they are my brothers and they did nothing wrong.

I think the best thing that this country can do to advance human rights around the world is lead by example. This nation didn't do away with the last sodomy laws on the books until 1996. SGL people still can't marry in most states. We are routinely harassed by police or any number of government agencies. You can be beaten or killed for just appearing gay right here in the United States.

Before we can remove the splinter from the eyes of other nations, we must first remove the beam from our own.


This is beyond horrible and disgusting. Stop a moment and imagine if this were you and someone you loved or a loved one in general. I may be ignorant to this but is there anything we as American citizens could do as far as writing our congress or anything ? Does anyone have any ideas ? I really just want to cry.


Disgusting..... thats all I can say at this point. I'm praying for these men.


This is so horrible and absolutely ridiculous. I wish for their safety and well being...nobody should have to suffer for who they are and who they love.



Actually, The Supreme Court ruled in "Lawrence v. Texas" in 2003 that sodomy laws in the United States are unconstitutional. Some states still have sodomy laws on the books, though they often are enforced only when the acts occur in the context of rape or prostitution (a way to make the crimes seem more severe and to get harsher sentences imposed).


I echo pretty much what James had to say. I know the US cant be in all countries at all times to do something about their atrocities (especially because people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.....we have our own messes to deal with), but this verdict is absurd.

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