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29 May 2010




Brian QTD

Thank God!

Automatic Prince

Thanks for sharing this. This is definitely the best piece of news of the day!!!!

Former COGIC

This really is very good news, i am so happy to hear this.


I was about to go out and start my weekend. Something said let me check the blog and get my news fix before I start sipping, lol. fabulous and fantasic news! What a dignified end to a horrible ordeal. Hopefully they will be able to live and love in peace!

Da 'RealistOne

Money Talks...

When a country is dependant mainly on foreign aid and those countries supporting these smaller nations are accepting of other people, the threat of aid loss speaks volumes - ESPECIALLY when it will effect your people on greater levels.

I'm relieved these men will be released, but it was only done half-hearted. The threat of economic collapse prompted the release because the UK and various countries were threatening to withdrawl their support.

This is the same reason why Uganda is stalling on their "Kill the Gays Bill". The sad thing is ignorance, defiance, and anger is hard to change. Even though these African countries are on the brink of collapse, its amazing how one of the main things they remain passionate about is what other people do in their own bedrooms and live in their personal lives.


wonderful...but the battle is not over....


Da ’RealistOne has it right on the money.

It is a sad truth that there are huge disparities in wealth in this world, and that a rich country can so easily affect the affairs of a poor one. But in this particular case, that is a good thing. It cost almost nothing for the rich world to get the president of Malawi to release this couple.

Now, will this couple be assaulted once they get out? Personally, I think they should be offered asylum in Western Europe if they want it. (I wouldn’t wish the U.S. on anyone, if Europe is an alternative.)

Tim Lee

What great news! I am so happy for them. I hope that this has some residual impact the the region, however. We all know that there are many Steven Monjezas and Tiwonge Chimbalangas in Africa that nobody ever hears about.


great news


This truly is wonderful news. I understand that "money talks" but I'm still very confused by this decision. More so, I'm concerned for these two young men once they return home; if they can go home. Will the government protect them from it's citizens? Will they be able to find jobs and support themselves. I pray for their safety.


I don't care why the pardon happened, I'm just glad it did. I understand the need to analyze these things, but I'm too HAPPY to care about that right now. I prayed that something would intervene for these men and it did. Prayer, Patience and Persistence pays off! God Bless these men and I hope they stay together!


Great to hear. Thanks for keeping people up to date on this situation throughout.

Distant Lover

They need to get out of that country. Is there a fund that is being set up to get them out and set them up elsewhere? I would like to contribute.


Ok...this is definitely a step in the right direction. However, we need to make sure nothing like this ever happens again and that these men can live free and safely after this.


I echo the sentiments of the previous comments. This is great news for this couple even if the President released them half-heartedly. But I fear for them after their release. There are certainly people in Malawi who are so filled with hate (very Christian-like!) that they may cause this couple harm.

It would be good for this couple to obtain asylum where they are welcome, but at the same time Malawi needs to see first hand that gay people are not to be hated and driven out of the country, but rather part of society and respected as human beings.


A week ago I was talking with some friends here in Africa. They are all straight and concerned about homosexuality here. They were certain that these guys would be out of jail very soon. The more enlighted may be a little confued about gay issues are generally less homophobes but understand the trends of the world


We Africans are homophobic period. As a South African gay who lives in a country with many contradictions. Gay marriage is legally recognised here but the scorn one would face in the townships like Soweto would be unsettling. However, the very same black community in middle class suburbs would not have an issue.

I think the couple should seek political asylum in South Africa.

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