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07 May 2010



More crumbs YAY!


BFD, more hot air 1 day after his awful administration is vigorously defending DOMA in court, battling to ensure gays are kept in apartheid with less rights than illegal immigrants


Oh golly, we're rolling eggs and getting two word mentions in proclamations, we have arrived!!! This is all I really wanted. After Obama puts everything substantial off until after the elections this year, I'll just go have a seat at the back of the bus and wait a decade or two for the Dems to win back congress. Gosh, hope there's a Democrat in the White House at the time or maybe we'll have to wait even a few more decades. No biggie, who needs civil rights anyway as long as we're invited to roll eggs?

Former COGIC

What Gridlock and Johnny said.
And Rod thanks for linking to the DOMA case. I've kept my opinions to myself for a long time but have to speak out now.

Easter Egg rolls and Mother's Day pronouncements would have been seen as "big deals" in the 90s. We're beyond that. Actively opposing DOMA challenges and DADT repeal and then saying Happy Mother's Day, lesbians" and "You have the right to see your dying partners" just won't cut it nowadays.

And sadly Johnny is correct. The White House wants to run out the clock on DADT and ENDA. If the process doesn't begin now, its safe to bet it wont happen for many years.

Not saying that Obama is a bad guy. He's probably a great guy, but the same as many other Democrats on gay rights. Talks a great game but when the push comes to shove, he folds like a stack of cards. Actually lol the prez has done that on a lot of other issues too, oil drilling,m health care...he's backtracked on many things to appease Republicans. And as we see, they don't give a fck about him and make it known.

Of course I'm still voting for him when he runs again. But Obama and the Dems are depressing voter turn out for the midterms. Democrats should be excited and enthused now, instead we're playing defense.

Former COGIC

If I can add one more thing...

Everyone came to this election with an agenda...gays, environmentalists, business lobby, Latinos...and there are being paid back here and there. Latinos got Sotomayor and the White House has threatened to stop the Arizona law.

Everyone had an Obama agenda except black folks. We put no demands on the president whatsoever,just happy to have one of own in the White House. Evebn when he would do or propose thinghs that would harm the black community (funding black colleges, not pushing for public option, etc) many of us said "suck it up.' Now, its like that. Black leaders and congressmen had to force him to save healthcare and got publicly got in his face on AIDS funding.

Black LGBTs ... man, we're even worse off. Many/most of us refused to demand that he do anything for our community. And I have to say, just reading this blog, I'm very glad Rod turned the corner after needle exchange, AIDS funding and healthcare. Black gay men and transwpomen suffer skyhigh AIDS rates, unemployment, lack of access to hospitals, discrimination ... but many of us either are hoodwinked or too afraid to speak up.

Or don't care.

alicia banks


wonder if he felt the need to add when any of the moms kids may be coming home from his endless wars????

wonder if hobama was talking to moms of dead gay soldiers and their gay in-laws who get no widow's benefits????




A WAR ON POVERTY would promote a Black agenda...People still misunderstand that the term Black was and is mutli-purpose term before the now ethnocentric African American....Black is not only just a skin color, but also in the U.S. our ethnicity, past generations knew not what African country they came from...it seems too intricate for many people, B& W, unfortunately to take the time to understand, as if they cared enough to begin with...but yeah, call it a WAR ON POVERTY and move forward....

Chitown Kev

@Former COGIC

Ditto everything that you said.


As nice as it sounds on the cover underneath it all I'm bothered that Mr. Obama and his admin is doing just what the other "lberal" admins have been doing with the LGBT community. Paying us lip service with nice words but no action or back stabbing action. Great. you realize that there are gay mothers raising kids. How's about a little protection for those mothers and fathers eh? @Alicia hun what are you talking about???
@Former COGIC you stay on point don't you darling?

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