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10 May 2010



Yes the supreme courts first lesbian. I'm so happy we got one! Thank you President Obama


Oh the Republicans are gonna have a field day with this one. Any reason for them to get their panties in a bunch over something Obama does.

Good to see more women on the SC after having pretty much nothing but men all these years. A much better representation of current society.


Wait one second we don't know if she is openly gay and if she.....


Kagan is not openly gay.

There has been talk for many years that Kagan is gay. Many people from Harvard, students and faculty, had that impression and some have said she had a partner. Many (gay) bloggers reported so as well.

The White House says "no" she is not, and does not want media to talk about that. Of course that just guaranteed more talk. But its weird they would say someone is not gay.

Is she closeted? Probably wouldn't have to be closeted at Harvard. As solicitor general and SCOTUS justice, probably would. Or: Kagan could just be another straight, single woman who gave up marriage and pursued a career. And we all know how GOPers call any successful woman who is single a lesbian.

But just because someone is gay or closeted doesnt mean they will always support or vote for gay rights. (Larry Craig, Donnie McClurkin, etc etc) Clarence Thomas on the court hasn't been exactly supportive of black folks. Neither has Michael Steele.

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