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07 May 2010





Derrick from Philly

Why, he's a cute lil' ol' piece o' trade--with them sexy lips. He reminds me of Broad Street, 2:00 am, 1977, Vaseline.


Looks like trade...
Tastes like meow. TRUST!


I'm sure Chingy knows he has a sizable enough gay fanbase. He knows exactly what he's doing.

And to FQ, you are right. He does look like trade. He reminds me of this dude I saw at the grocery store last week who kept stealing glances at me while he was with his girlfriend. He even followed me to the bathroom. I told him that he was barking up the wrong tree because I don't mess with confused little boys. He stormed out of the bathroom. I thought it was so funny.

Derrick from Philly

"Looks like trade...
Tastes like meow. TRUST!"

(sigh) I guess you're right, FQ....aint no real trade no mo'....not even in jail...(sigh).
Thank God I'm old.

Grambling State

Oooh yes daddy!!!!

The Truth

This was a twitpic he put up on twitter, and he was mad at mediatakeout for putting the picture up saying that the pic was intended "just for the ladies". i guess he would be steamed that the pic wound up on guyswithiphones.

He is sexy though. I've always loved some Chingy. Mmmm


@ The Truth:

"saying that the pic was intended "just for the ladies". "


Chingy said that? Chingy from St Louis who has been followed by gay rumors for years as well as being seen in public with several trans girls?

If you put something on Twitter or Facebook the whole world can see it anyway. Its not like MTO did anything wrong or difficult if they did. Chingy is REALLY upset with MTO because they have blasted him for being DL. And those gay pride flags they photoshopped on his clothes.

I'm in the Lou and know this. But if you wanna belive chingy is "mad" or "steamed' because his shirtless pics he posted himself are traveling around the net ... okay.


Thank you "the truth" for setting the record straight.


>>>Thank you "the truth" for setting the record straight.

"The Truth" is setting the record 'straight' about Chingy?



Yeah. I've even heard about "Miss Chingy" and I don't even run in social circles, lol.

FQ called that right on the money. Trust.


If you're not sleeping with him how would you really know? Hearsay is so blah. Any attractive man these days is automatically assumed to be gay.


@Ummm: I have to disagree with u on that. Every attractive male is not considered gay. U don't get that vibe off of everyone: however, we know our own. And as for Chingy: I don't even see trade. When I see Chingy, I see BOTTOM. Straight up


@Umm: "If you're not sleeping with him how would you really know?\"

My best friend did. The three of us have hung out several times. Does that count sweety?

As I said, we know in St Lou.



So fine...


In the future, every man will be gay.

Maybe this is what the churchgoers are so afraid of. (They already know THEY all are.)



I'm with UMMMM....really guys? We are still using the word "TRADE" and such.

But in this particular case, Gentlemen and Gentle People, you are correctly assessing this "publicly stunt" reeks of "THE GAYS WILL BE TALKING ABOUT ME ALL DAY" and ta da...here we are.

He's got a nice body. He took the photo. He posted it. And I find it STOMACH-ACHINGLY HILARIOUS when guys do things in 2010 "JUST FOR THE LADIES," including this, Spectacular's salmon-underwear-rocking grind challenge from a year or so ago and the "LOOK AT MY V" videos and photos that guys post. It's just funny. Old school "TRADE" was never about just "THE LOOK." It's about the willingness to TRADE the body you are looking at for the THINGS that you have. It was about survival for some of these dudes.

Now, with dudes being virtually stalked and hunted online, I am praying for the safety of my brothers and our community. TRADE is cute but don't TRADE TRADE for your safety, y'all! LOVE LOVE AND MORE LOVE!

Now, having said that...TAKE THE TIME TO IN-JOY THE VIEW!

The VIPlister

"It's about the willingness to TRADE the body you are looking at for the THINGS that you have."

wow... just got a gay history lesson. I know it seems obvious... but I never knew why straight/straight acting dudes were called trade.

Learn something new every day.

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