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15 May 2010



don't even get em started on miss grace jones. i have too many wonderful memories of her music from the 80s and 90s ....i'm lucky to still be here and even luckier that she is still here


She made me a slave to the rhythm. Who else was there the night she debuted Slave to the Rhythm at The Paradise Garage? That experience changed my life.



Eric Robinson

Lady GAGA Suck on this!!!! Ms Grace Jones is the originator. You Cant stop her you can only hope to contain her!!!!! Like Micheal J,James Brown, Luther, Phyllis, Diana, Patty,Aretha. Legends All. Today's Artist Pale in Comparisons!!!


This goes to show that Lady GaGa is nothing NEW! Grace was doing this long time ago. The media is giving Cristina Aguilera a hard time claiming she stole Gaga's look, but Gaga and Rihanna stole Grace's look, but you don't ever here about that.


Grace looks SCARY and FIERCE! I'm sure that was her goal, LOL!


She is still! crazy hot.


She'll ALWAYS be HOT! There is only ONE Grace Jones - no matter how many of them try to imitate her! Alas, there is never really anything NEW! Grace is now channeling a Josephine Baker on crack circa 1950's vibe!

Oh, well......I guess THAT'S NEW!


Alot of the young ones seem to think that there was nothing( an abyss) before Lady Gaga but us children from the 70's and 80's know better there was Grace ( and other KIDS) doing far more than Lady Gaga ever did AND looking great at it!

Go on you tube type Grace JONES and you will see just how amazing this woman is and has been. My favorite video by her is 'Private Life' where the entire video is about her ability to emote...

Grace...the one and only!!!!


Glad to see I'm not the only one who knows Gaga has stolen Ms. Grace's act...and doesn't do it nearly as well. Long live Lady Grace!!!


Grace Jones has a NEW CD out called HURRICANE - it is amazing AND HARD TO FIND IN THE good ol' USA.

Has Lady Gaga heard of SAMPLING!!!??? Grace Jones does not have time for Lady Gaga - pull a sample from one of Grace's LEGENDARY songs chick!


She is FIERCE!!! I wonder what she looks like under all that makeup, though...


What she looks like???
Read the interview and you will hear what the journalist says about how flawless she looks with out makeup at 62(she just celebrated her birthday in Cannes) tout le monde in attendance.
Do your homework there is tons of stuff on Grace JOnes on the internet. Just type in her name or go to YouTube and you see her in interviews in France, Italy, Germany in the past few years(2008-2010)

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