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09 May 2010



Of course they hate Kobe.

These folks are Mormons. They’re rightwing bigots. That Quaker hat of Kobe’s is an uncomfortable reminder of what it means to be a Christian.


People who "magic underwear" are mocking Kobe's pilgrim hat?

Sugah honey please!


.. and I do believe Kobe got the last laugh... Ha!!

Not a Lakers Fan

rod its about time you got off kobe's jock! im damn glad this stooopid fashion shoot showed you that your precious kobe is like all those other hollywood nikkaz...they wanna be white so badly and really are very "late" and "tired". really!!

the black gay men in know in LA still say "my lover" or "my boo" when referring to their partners. really!!! how 1980s!!

most of the black la queens are chasing after white boys too, i went out there and was like wtf? really!!

PROP 8?? where were those queens? having cocktails at the abbey? for real!

i hate the lakers they are punks and kobe is the worse. why not post more ron artest that is a real nikka at least he comes across like a real black man not diva or princess!! fa really!

Not a Lakers Fan

do you ever talk about the knicks or 76ers those teams got real nikkaz????


Dead. I called it in the other post.


I don't follow professional basketball at all, and I'm having a hard time understanding all this bitterness towards Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Has he personally done something to offend the black community or the gay community? Why are people attacking his masculinity? Shouldn't gay/bi/sgl black men, at least, be beyond that in the 21st century?

Former COGIC

>>>Has he personally done something to offend the black community or the gay community?

I don't really see any negative comments about Kobe except for one. Seems like most people are getting a laugh out of it, especially because Rod is a Kobe stan.

And fwiw, a lot of people don't like Kobe or the Lakers. I really dont care either way, man, but ti suggest black gay men should be sensitive to some $100 million athlete being teased is a bit much. Kobe is a big boy and has been involved helluva lot more problems than being teased over his photoshopp'd fashion layout. I'll save my compassion and tears for the young black gay boys beat up and killed.

Oh and ummm Kobe and other black straight athletes say nothing on that. Just sayin...

Chitown Kev

Well. I don't like Kobe and the Lakers, for one.

And I'm sure that Kobe would get this treatment anywhere that he went at this time.

Hell, going back to the Jordan days, I hate the Cleveland Cavaliers but I am a Lebron James fan. And maybe, just maybe, Shaq and Kobe will have a showdown.


hmmm...i wonder do straight athletes argue amongst themselves about gay guys the way gay guys carry on in these forums like they are married to these athletes. oh, well, i guess that's what real nikkas do...***whatever they are***


I don't see the issue as being about how much money a sports figure makes. He is a human being. If being into sports and masculine bonding is all about putting people down and hating on them, I'm glad to be a nerdy, non-masculine (by some standards) homosexual. Of course there are gay/sgl and heterosexual young men of color who are suffering from poverty, racism, and homophobia. Of course Kobe Bryant is incredibly privileged in comparison. I'm just questioning why so many guys seem to get so riled up about sports and sports stars, whether positively or negatively. I don't have anything against good-natured ribbing. Maybe I am misinterpreting and reading too much into this because of my own sensitivity? I don't intend to be hostile to anyone here, though.

Chitown Kev


Well, some guys (gay and straight) are into sports and we all have our favorite stars, some that we don't like, and some that we despise.

I am somewhere between "don't like" and "despise" when it comes to Kobe Bryant. And it has nothing to do with me being gay.

And that's coming from someone who did like Allen Iverson (don't know why, it def. wasn't the thugness...I think it had more to do with him giving 110% while actually playing the game...we all know that AI doesn't like practice, lol)

I hate the Ohio State Buckeyes. But, then again, I was born and raised in Michigan.

And I'm a geeky, nerdy, somewhat non-masculine gay guy.


Well Kobe got the last laugh after the Lakers swept Utah away with a broom. Also the Utah crowd is ignorant after some were wearing T-shirts calling Derek Fisher a liar because he was let go by the Utah Jazz in order to deal with his daughter's eye cancer. He gave up 8 million dollars to be released from his contract with Utah. The best doctors to deal with this cancer, which has taken 50% of his daughter's vision in one eye and is now in remission, were located in LA and New york. It was a no-brainer that he would rejoin the Lakers. So I don't have respect for teabagger type folks just making up stuff about people to make themselves feel better.




Isn't it time to grow beyond calling people the N-word?

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