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28 May 2010



Well it's a start.
@ Rod Onyx party this weekend for IML?


Thank you mr president for signing the matthew shepard bill and thank you for being an advocate for gay rights your truly my role model


He's just 1 man. How can we demand any more from him? He has shown his determination that includes GLBT issues that he is working for our equal rights. Cut this man a break and let him do his job.

sharyle lyndon

Thank you President Obama,we've come a long way but still have sooo much more to do. I live in Vancouver, Canada and have just arrived in Honolulu Hawaii to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Gay Pride Parade on June 5th.
Ha'aheo O Me Ke Aloha
Together in Pride with all my
Sharyle Lyndon


You know how some children, when asked to do a chore they don't like, will drag their feet or do a half-assed job? They hope you'll do it yourself or never ask them for another thing. That's Obama on gay rights. His efforts on behalf of DADT include SILENCE when top military officials and decorated retirees voiced favor for repeal. He remained silent when top performing officers were dismissed. Then he backpedaled on marriage equality.

The argument that "he's just 1 man" or "he has plenty to do" is puny and stupid: he has an entire government and cabinet with whom he works.

As a once-avid Obama supporter and campaign worker, it seems as if he has lost clear sight of what is RIGHT AND GOOD, and acquiesced to political decision-making.

Obama said "Gays and lesbians have a friend in the White House." I'm still waiting to find out who.

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