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25 May 2010


Black Pegasus

Hmm, so they weren't actually standing next to each other during the shoot? It was photoshopped?

Oh well! Get over it Miss Thang! You aint alldat and I heard your peewee is major small...
And I have just a tingle that this Ronaldo guy is an unabashed racist!


Good! Maybe it will encourage him to do more flesh covers, just so he can be the star.
But I look ad Drogba's body, who would want to follow that? Can you blame Ronaldo? :)


Oh no I don't think it's about race. I'm thinkin' Miss Ronaldo is pissed that Drogba is ripped fiercely and bulging more! Those muscle boys hate to be outdone. Trust!


I think he's just mad because Drogba fills out his shorts BETTER than Ronaldo does..BOOM!

Ronaldo needs to get that stick out of his ass (or is it DICK..hmmm? in that case, KEEP IT IN and SQUAT, GURL! lol!) and get a grip...

Vanity Fair does this all the time and he KNEW this...so next.


I agree with Ronaldo. Whether you like him or not he has the most celebrity. And VF did use him to promote the cover. Then to have him share it when they didnt even take the pic together would upset me if I was him.

Plus, I know people have a hard time being objective, but I can see why a straight-identified guy wouldnt want that pic. Not every straight guy needs to prove they are not homophobic by appearing in obviously homoerotic imagery. It is very wrong VF to do that as well.

Former COGIC

>>>"I know people have a hard time being objective, but I can see why a straight-identified guy wouldnt want that pic. I know people have a hard time being objective, but I can see why a straight-identified guy wouldnt want that pic."

You do realize you're talking about Mr Homoerotica himself, who has a series of ads in skin tight underwear and soaking wet for Armani Underwear? And the same Cristiano Ronaldo who wears the short shorts, carries a murse and wears Chanel for men? And with the huge gay fanbase? No one could ever mistake him for being homophobic and its silly for them to even try.

No, Ronaldo's just a diva and probably was promised the cover. Now would make perfect sense if Drogba got went there but even he has done homoerotic and layouts and no biggie.

The "scared of the gay angle" from Ronaldo makes no sense to anyone who has followed his career. And I sincerely doubt and Leibovitz would have made that cover without their approval. Sorry Jarron, you can't believe everything you read about celebrities. And an anonymous quote at Page Six is gossip. Ronaldo's manager or publicist would have tore VF a new one and everyone would have heard.


idk if y'all are looking at a different picture, but Ronaldo is so much better looking. Maybe a little less peen sure, but I know what I'd prefer...


@ Gary

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I prefer Drogba. But both men are handsome. That's what makes the world interesting. We all don't have the same likes and dislikes.


Meh, I'm usually not one to post on such vapid stuff, but this post in itself is foolishness, Ronaldo's hissy fit, LOL get a grip.

But back to the really shallow,..Ronaldo's not that hot. Yeah I said it. He's got a great body, an amazing body, but I've seen better faces on the side of a milk carton. The diva attitude uglies him up even more.

Oguchi, who's cool attitude and handsome face and slammin body (his ESPN nude puts EVERYONE to shame) looks a million times better in comparison.

Clearly looks are subjective so please don't come riding on the hatewagon for me.


@Former Cogic. Sure Ronaldo has done other homoerotic things. But it should be his choice. He shouldnt just have some other guy photoshopped next to him standing bulge-to-bulge on the cover of a magazine. it looks like the cover to a gay porn.

And as much as I like seeing black guys on this site. Personally I think Drogba is not cute in the face at all. ANd I wouldnt want to share a cover or anything else with him.

And if Ronaldo was led to believe he was gonna get the cover there is nothing diva about not about being used in this way.


Poor Ronaldo. Such a sad story

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