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19 May 2010



I'm glad that we've at least spoken up on this situation. Say what you want about this administration, but had it been Bush and his boys, nothing would have been said. They'd probably secretly be in agreement. Obama has made our country a little more respected around the world so our voice means something again.


I agree with Trey but it would be nice to see some actions behind it. Of course with so many injustices in the world like this, the White House cant be everywhere for everyone. This case though seems even more egregious than most


Rightly or wrongly, the United States has the power to get a suspended sentence for this couple without much effort at all. Already, the Ugandan government dropped the “kill the gays” bill, despite the support of American conservative Christian pastors, and I’m sure that was because of pressure brought by the U.S. government and those of other nations.

The power imbalance between rich nations and poor nations is so great, that to get a poor nation to change course is quite inexpensive. The rich nations have been doing it for decades, usually for selfish ends. At least in this instance, it can be for something just.

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