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15 May 2010


Former HBCU Faculty

Here's the problem. The HBCU tradition is one that is steeped in a false pride that says even though you know there are problems in house you don't air them publicly. With type of mindset it is very difficult to address any of the issues that faces Morehouse and all HBCUs in terms of sexuality and quality academic offerings. The only way these issues will be addressed is if large numbers of students and Alumni begin protesting the bogus policies and practices of University Administration.


The victim said his sexuality, him being gay didn't make him a target and then he said the suspects were screaming faggot at them. it doesn't make sense. If someone is calling you a faggot of course they are targeting you because your sexuality because you are gay.

The victims seem like closet cases, 1. not telling the police about the homophobic slurs 2. avoiding to show their faces on camera and give their names. sad. This was a pure and utter hate crime but i doubt the closeted victims would call it that.


and whats up with banning make-up and womens clothing? did it really get that out of hand, really?


oh, the irony of kidnappers and carjackers telling someone else they're going to "burn in hell." effin idiots.

glad the brothas weren't hurt.


I just want to wake up ONCE and not hear about gay antipathy and MOREHOUSE college which seems to go together like bread and butter. I had dreams of teaching at Morehouse one day but seeing how its a hot bed for homophobia I might just go to Georgia State instead.


Morehouse. The citadel of future black leadership. Makes you cringe.

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