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01 May 2010



i cannot wait for june 13!


I don't get into all of this vampire stuff, not because of any reason other than I'm wired for law and medical shows (shows that deal with processing and such...I AM A VIRGO), but I DO love the way that these kinds of shows are so unabashedly open to the conversations about sexuality and attraction that the word is SO afraid of in daily dialogue!

BRAVO HBO. I have heard things about this Lafayette and I MAY have to check him out, indeed!


@ Rev Kev:

One reason I like watching sci fi and fantasy is that the political and personal is infinite. Sexual experimentation is not frowned. In the contemporary shows, the supernaturals are often stand ins for gays, keeping their secret "in the closet", discriminated against, etc.

i love True Blood but also love SVU!

Tim Lee

Nice idea - teaser minis. @TheRevKev, Lafayette IS fierce.

I really love this show. I just hope that it manages to stay fresh for a while.


It's good that these shows with such cult followings are slowly desensitizing homophobes. First the Wire and now True Blood. HBO is paving the way for network tv to include more gay friendly programming.


i can't wait for the return

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Mad Professah

Wait--in the books ERIC is Sookie's lover, not that shrimpy Bill?

That's hawt.

My fave character (after Eggs Benedict, of course) is Lafayette.

Rodney M.

@theRevKev: I'm a Virgo as well, and I LOVE me some True Blood, as well as the History Channel, Law and Order, and the like.

@MadProfessah: Yeah, Eric would turn Sookie OUT...hopefully we can see Eric and Lafayette go at it. After all, Lafayette DID suck Eric's blood.

Liberator Émigré Éire

I know what TheRevKev means, I usually find vampire stuff tedious in the extreme, but True Blood is a very special exception to the rule.

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