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14 May 2010



This is Wanda's second show on Fox to be cancelled. But she did change the format of the show mid-season.


I'm thinking if she had a budget of more than twelve dollars, the show wouldn't have looked like it was shot in 1950.

Honut Sinti

I had a feeling. Last week she made the comment-with fingers crossed-"That we are still on the air."


I am sorry for Wanda Sykes. It would have been great for a black SGL woman to have a successful late-night talk show. However, I didn't like her show for the following reasons:

-I don't think her monologues or skits were that funny.
-I find her voice extremely irritating.
-Her comedian friend "Keith" was really unnecessary; he could at least have served as a proper sidekick like Ed McMahon on The Tonight Show, but he wasn't even that funny.
-Exactly what was the point of the drag queen who mostly hung around in the background and hardly said anything?
-The segment where celebrity guests sat to chat and joke about stuff was much too short. It should have been about half of the show time.

These are just my opinions.

Honut Sinti


Actually, you make some very good points. I and a few friends (gay, straight, young, older, white, black, male, female) talked about Wanda's show. Everyone was glad that she got another break to have a TV show, but we weren't quite feeling it based on some of the very same reasons you listed.

Roberto Aquas

She was offensive to half of the country, that is no fomula for success no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Shock television just is not popular when it is so biased. I predicted this from the start and knew it was coming when she turned the show into the Wanda "Hannity" hour from a liberal perspective. Obama has lost his popularity and so goes the rest of the Progressives. Good news for America that Fox was to unleash this woman of HATRED back into nothing as a nobody! Vote Libertarian!


The show had its moments but it probably suffered from a variety of factors—bad time slot, poor writing, confusing format—and unfortunately it didn't create a buzz...no it failed because it had Wanda Sykes

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