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30 May 2010



“The general was asked why he’s changed his position:

“‘That was 17 years ago.’ Powell added, ‘I am personally of the view now that attitudes have changed, and I think it is perfectly acceptable to get rid of the law and the policy...’”

So, in other words, it was “perfectly acceptable” to discriminate against gay people 17 years ago, because doing so was popular. It was so acceptable, in fact, that Colin Powell fought for it. But now attitudes have changed.

So, I guess it is popular attitudes that determine what is moral and what is not for Mr. Powell.

Another good example would be slavery. Today, slavery is widely considered immoral. But 150 years ago, because it was popular with Southern plantation owners, Mr. Powell would not have had any problem with it.


I rarely like George Will, but I did like his comment about left-handedness.


Personally, I am glad that with the passage of time, some people's beliefs change for the better. At one time, most condoned segregating military service members based on race. With the passage of time, many of those people changed their opinions. The same could be said for women's rights...and now, hopefully this is true for sgl people's rights as well.


I believe Mullen said "when", not "whether", regarding implementation. I was listening for this pretty carefully. It would be worth viewing the video closely again to be certain.

Rod Mc

@DLM: Mullen said "whether". The link above is a verbatim quote via defense.gov. It's very unlikely the Department of Defense website would misquote the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. -RM

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