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25 May 2010


Black Pegasus

Ok maybe I'm just an old Bish. Cuz I just don't see this "Skull Candy" madness taking off. The model is cute tho..


congrats on your commercial
good lawd that boy is phine'

Sean B

@ Black Pegasus:

I think these are Jay Z's response to Dr Dre's 'DreBeat' headphones. Those are making Dre a fortune! \I wouldnt be surprised if they do well, jay z already has big audience.

And yes, papi is fabulous!


ok, now the designer trend is going to needlessly, bulky, retro, headphones? Marketing is hilarious.
give it 2 years, and they'll be doing local news stories about people getting hit by moving traffic while wearing designer headphones.
"Tonight, on Fox 5, how trendy headphones are putting your kids in danger."


Well, if it stops the madness on the subways of everybody's cheap-ass headphones bleeding through to bother everyone else, I am all for some skullcandy. And yeah, Lamar is hot!

Georgia Peach

i really didnt like the bigger headphones but the sound is superior to the earbuds and iphone headphones. ive got dr dre's headphones and you can also use them with iphone to talk on phone and with skype.oh and yes, mr. lamar is delicious i wish i bumped into him on the stroll lol


I'll stick with my earbuds for now. I think the guy with locks that opens the spot is kinda hot too.


LOL @ Barton, I'm with you! Dred dude looks like he puts it down!

I'm also with Worst, anything that stops cheap headphone bleed on the subway is a blessing.

I don't have the desire for a bulky headset like this but my Shure E500 earbuds are the best thing on the market, I dont hear anything other than crystal clear music. Janelle Monae through them is orgasmic.

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