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12 May 2010


Rod Neville

Where was THIS Laura Bush at 6 years ago?


She could have been afraid to speak her truth. You can't sling a dead cat without hitting that in the gay community.


I had a feeling Laura and the daughters weren't as conservative as the other side of the family. However like Rod said, where were they six or even ten years ago?


I'm glad that she now can speak her truth. When your husband is the leader of the free world, it is not your place to piss all over his policies. You see how the nation almost killed Hillary for her health care push. That was a portion of why Clinton got mussed up some. People started wondering which one of them ran the Whitehouse. Plus that was not Laura's personality at that time.


I always liked Laura. She never really said anything that I didn't like throughout her husbands Presidency. I like her even more now! She's getting her views out there and showing who she really is. Bravo to her for that!


OOPS! I just remembered that she said some stuff after Hurricane Katrina that was insensitive.... or was that her Mother-In-Law? Help me out yall? Who said that mess about the Katrina victims being better off after the hurricane?

S. Flemming

That was Barbara Bush who made those silly remarks. She is a mess! As for Laura, I guess I never had an opinion of her one way or the other, though they said even back then that she was not against gay marriage and that she had warned him about that ... I'm glad she has confirmed this. Glad to see her stepping out and speaking up.

Chitown Kev


That was Laura's mother-in-law that said that.


"I also want to encourage anybody who was affected by Hurricane Corina to make sure their children are in school."

–First Lady Laura Bush, twice referring to a "Hurricane Corina" while speaking to children and parents in South Haven, Mississippi, Sept. 8, 2005


She's waited until NOW to speak her mind?

Too! late! Her husband is a failure.


She speaking on it now, because it is apparently political suicide to give support to gay rights :rolls eyes: these politicians don't the ATTENTION that comes with giving there support...Notice her and OTHERS INCLUDING Mr. Clinton have given support AFTER the fact that his time having a Presidential career is over(he's already been elected twice) and his wife didnt make it...so NOW these guys are giving support. I personally think that it is NEVER TOO LATE to give your support.


I agree, her opinion comes too late because her husband's presidency was a failure. It resulted in more problems within government and it's application in our lives. We've spent more money on the military and security than we have on education. As for the marriage issue, I do everything I can to keep Uncle Scam out of the bedroom and other intimate areas of my life. You should too.


I'm buying a Laura Bush Rose and the Laura Bush Petunia today! Go Laura!

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