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08 May 2010


Account Deleted

Don't forget if she where straight.

If Richardson where straight and not a self-indetified lesbian, the "Black media" that whines about the likes of Nancy Grace and others caring only about White girls and White people would have expressed more empathy and "outrage".

Sorry readers, but I find it hypocritical to be angry at media for the lack of coverage of missing Black/Latino teens, when Black and Latino communities seem to do the same to LGBT of color. It's a disgusting testimony how low the lives of Black and Latinos who are LGBT matter to "our people" and larger society.

Imagine if she where trasngendered, too? Black, female and lesbian. Yep, you can sure bet they're looking for her....


Agreement and BRAVO @KevinPerez, you were on point in my opinion with this post man. I don't care much for a lot of what Cannick writes but I'd have to say I do believe she is on the target with this case because there are so many cases like this one with Mitrice involving missing black/latino men and women. I'm praying this young woman is still alive. But Perez I think you correctly showed how the Black and Latino communities can be with one of their own who just happens to be LGBT. Don't get me wrong I love my people but I cannot stand quiet when even they won't do right by their LGBT sons and daughters, even when we continue to stand by our straight brothers and sisters when our community at a whole is attacked in some shape of form.


Oh BTW thanks for posting this Rod and keeping us informed.

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