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09 June 2010



Well, "you reap what you sow". Besides, like the article said there was a Starbucks on the corner of Court St. Even I knew that.


Is it wrong for me to LOL?


I. Love. It. Go Officer Gibson!

Loosely applied here, I'll borrow from the brilliant Melissa Harris Lacewell who weighed in on Carrie Prejean playing the victim when she was attacked as a result of her anti-gay sentiments:

"It's interesting because in this case [he] feels bad because [he's] being stigmatized based on an expression of [his] sexuality, [he] is being judged because [he's] part of a group that is generally stereotyped, that is, [offensive street proselytizers], and [he's] finding that [his] morality is being brought into question because of a set of personal choices that [he's] made. So I think it has everything to do wit this particular debate, in that it ought to be causing, dare I say it, empathy on the part of [Brother JJ Richardson] for gays and lesbians who are simply trying to live a life of full equality in the United States, and are being judged and abused in all of these ways that [he] is now personally experiencing."


You might have been in danger of staining your pants, Brother Richardson, but you already stained your soul long ago.

Maybe you should be more worried about that.

Taylor Siluwé

Great example Procrastination_Xtravaganva ...

Funny how the oppressor squeals when their chickens come home.

Street preachers are as annoying and offensive as those dirty-rag windshield washer shake down artists who used to accost drivers at traffic lights.

There oughta be a law. ;-)


Thanks Taylor! But hey, the windshield wiper guys have stepped it up! One guy outside the Holland tunnel did mine the other day with nice squeegee (he clearly saw my car desperately needed it) and I didn't have change and he said no problem.

The dirty rag ones on Bedford/Atlantic Aves pre-Giuliani in Brooklyn were horrible though.

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