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23 June 2010


Taylor Siluwé

Oh, Jeez ...

There is just so much to loath about this guy I don't have the strength to go into it. Suffice it to say, let's work to make sure this is his last win.

Some SC activist needs to blow this guy's "family values" facade clean away. Nobody's squeaky clean. Time to dig for dirt. Because we all know that's exactly what the Republicans are doing, since the Dem is favored to win.

The demographics makes it seem like a lose for this gay hater, since they're both black so racism won't come into play.

Still, lets show him to be the hypocrite "family values" men almost always turn out to be.


Better yet, let's orchestrate a plan to kidnap him against his will and subject him to weeks of unwanted attention and depraved acts from men. Then release the footage online and to local media outlets in time for his next campaign.

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