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20 June 2010



He is set for the rest of his life,no matter what happens!!Why should he care?

will in nyc

nice work, rod, thanks for the coverage from several sources and for including the conversation from the sunday morning shows that some of us may have missed! too bad the republicans, shelby and gao, seem from your post to be out front on booting bp's hayward, they're not exactly representing a party known for corporate accountability (but dems need to step their game up on that these days, too).
"The Republicans are out front" criticizing BP? I never said or implied that and you know that. The GOP has been doing the quite the opposite (see: Cheney, Barton, Barbour, Bachmann, Visser et al) that's why Shelby and CAO's statements are newsworthy. -RM


There’s something touching about Republicans criticizing oil CEOs.

andruw pennington

Hmmmm, it's all well and good to beat down the BP CEO; what about our CEO's repsonse? Obama has failed as did Bush with Katrina on this disaster

Former COGIC

"it's all well and good to beat down the BP CEO..."

No one is beating on Hayward. His company cut costs and an noil rig exploded, no worries, just billion of dollars in damages to residents.

" Obama has failed as did Bush with Katrina on this disaster"

Katrina was the fault of the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US govt failing to respond. It is NOT Obama's job to plug the oil leak a mile below the surface of the Gulf.

"shelby and gao, seem from your post to be out front ...":

Aren't you the same Will in NYC who was trying to argue with Rod over the Tea Party not being racist or homophobic? Now you're saying the GOP is "out front" criticizing BP? Perhaps you missed Rep Joe Barton at the Hayward hearing? Two Republicans does not "out front" make, dear. Nice try though.

Who are these homocon gay Republicans who flock to blog? Is it because of the pics of black man? And why do they always feel they have to pat Rod on the head or say something clearly patronizing. White gay privilege much?

alicia banks


these elitists who run hobama and our world are hopelessly clueless...we are doomed!



The rebubs are critizing the president on making BP pay. That shows who's hands are in who's pockets. I wasn't totally surprised when atht happened. Some of the repubs tried to back away from the statements the TX repub said regarding the 20 billin as a corporate shakedown. that's what's disgusting. And as was said all over the sunday shows and others afetr before sunday, "this was a democratic gift". Now they(Dems)have to really run with it.


Obama is not to blame for this disaster or the lacking recovery efforts. This has never happened before so there's no blueprint/play book to go buy.

Now for the BP CEO what's the problem? A Corporate CEO = high paid delegator. He can call shots from his yacth. Everyone is entitled to some social time. Work hours aren't around the clock.

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