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15 June 2010



This is bad news, but don't you mean "accelerating" rather than "exacerbating"?


This is sad. I think apathy is the big issue at hand here. There is too much information out there. Some of them know and just don't care.
Ignorance is onething. Apathy is another. What can you do about the latter?


Well, both "exacerbating" which means to get worse or "accelerating" which means to go faster will do. I think that Mr. Rod means "exacerbating".

With regards to the meat of the story, the poor attitude of many men is party (use drugs) and play (have sex). And if it's not party and play, then it's just play and play and play some more. For many men, hook-ups are a way of life. Hooking-up for many is a hobby or pasttime like playing cards or playing basketball.

I believe in the ABC method of STD and HIV prevention: A: Abstain from sex but if you don't or can't then B: Have a partner and be faithful to that partner and also if you don't or can't then C: use condoms. (Frankly, with the record that men have with infidelity, I believe in using a condom even in a relationship. Too many men cheat.)

Also, the term "safe sex" should be replaced with the term "safer sex". Condoms do not make sex safe. They make sex safer than it would otherwise be. Condoms break, tear, come off,etc. Condoms often cannot protect from hepatitis, herpes and other STIs. Many guys believe in condom use like we should trust in God. Somewhere there must be a guy who would will put his condom wrapped penis in a meat grinder with no fear due to his belief in the safety of condoms. I belive in "God We Trust" but I do not believe in "Condom We Trust".

Abstain from sex, form committed and faithful relationships and wear condoms.

Although their are medications to treat HIV infection, the medications often have unpleasant, unwanted and sometimes disabling side effects.

It's dangerous out there. Wake up!If you don't wake up now, you may wake up DEAD.

Da 'RealistOne

Especially the ABC's.

The Gay community focuses so much on HIV/AIDS to the point where people are freakin' blue in the face, yet look at the statistics.

Clearly, something needs to change, but what?

Its a shame many Black Gay Organizations and the like won't shift gears a little bit and focus on self empowerment and relationship building so that people's mindframe can change about the Gay Lifestyle and relationships.

If Gay men are taught and given the tools to better love, care, and carry themselves accordingly MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY, I believe HIV/AIDS prevention wouldnt be such a hard task to accomplish.

Sure, we have to be realistic about the levels of sexual activity that's going on out there but there's a deeper reason as to why this even have to take place. We need to get into the CORE reasons as to why so many of our men feel as if they have to act out a sexually as they do while bypassing the need to establish healthy, loving connections and building relationships.



I'm not surprised. The face of AIDS has changed greatly. This has been great for people with the virus but unfortunate for those who never saw the true face of AIDS, and don't see it as such a big deal. For the most part the virus no longer looks like Tony award winner Bill T. Jones. Today you can't tell unless a person discloses. Brothers need to ask, tell, and get tested. Heartbreaking..


If the dynamic around interacting with Black MSM -- not openly Gay or Bisexual Black men -- is the same in Milwaukee as it is in the Nation's Capital, pumping resources into Pride festival outreach is going reach the target.


Wow,. just wow 42%? I am speechless. It's deeply saddening.

@ Dean, I don't necessarily disagree with your ABC method, but I do want to express that A & B can come off a bit pretentious.

There's nothing wrong with abstinence or monogamy, but those are much easier said than done. It also paints a negative light on people who have casual sex or are not in a monogamous relationship, which can lead to lower self image, backlash and more risky behavior.

Of your prescription, I practice just C. Lots of sex, with whoever I want, with lots of condoms. This too isn't a prescription for everyone, but I don't want people to feel like failures if a relationship doesn't work, or feel like a slut if they have casual safe sex.

The abstinence for gays also suggests that straight people arent having as much sex as we are - as though we're hypersexualized beasts outside of the norm, have you seen a girls gone wild or freak-nik or spring break video lately?

Condoms need to be fun and sexy instead of this chore or suit of armor, they need to be the seen as gateway to great sex, not as an inhibitor. I can't stress that enough. I get that condoms aren't 100%, but they are very close, with the right lube (silicone!) I haven't had a condom break on me in over 8 years ::knock on wood::.

In NYC, Condomania was the best store ever, RIP Condomania. There was nothing hotter than buying one of every brand/type condom for $.25 each and f*ckng all day testing em out.

All the best no matter what decisions you make to keep yourself safe.

Anthony in Nashville

@ Da 'RealistOne:

My experience is that black gay groups do talk about empowerment but very few people attend those events.

You're more likely to get a decent turnout at a movie night, pageant, party, or anything seen as more "fun" than dealing with real issues.

The same thing is true for white gay groups as well.

All you can do is put the information out there. If people don't take advantage of it and then get caught out there, it's on them.

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