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07 June 2010


Kevin Perez

Proof that even in the most progressive, liberal places in the USA, coming out is still difficult and dangerous for LGBT of color or a minority background. I live in the state of Massachusettes (New England), and I don't feel safe/confident. I could totally picture something like this happening to me as well...

I wish I could punch the face of every Black/Latino man and woman who hold on such pritimive thinking towards LGBT. Especially since they're the two most despised minority groups in America and the rise of the Ex-Gay movement is flourshing in those "communities". The world must listen when the Straights of color scream racism. When LGBT of color try to stand up for themselves and not take BS from POC are are not LGBT, we're told to hush up, know our place and be given a false dilema of choosing race vs. sexual idenity.

Looks like the "victims" are using the same Imperialistic attitudes/beliefs to divide LGBT of color. There is, I mean this, NO VISIBILITY that presents us in a humane way without being the subject of a lame joke or a lapdogs for annoying Straight women.

Grambling State

this is disgusting and i know of at least one cousin who was subjected to this. he's the biggest church queen to this day but pretends to be so holy. the poor man is only fooling himself, they tolerate him and other gays as long as he ios quiet and pretends that he is "saved"


This makes me sick to my stomach.

Derrick from Philly

Shame they don't have a similar ritual for fornicators and adulterers. The whole damn congregation of every holy roller church in this country would have to be exorcised....I mean, the whole world!

Come out, you fornicatin' demons!

Cocoa Rican

Religion and folks' strong convictions are a difficult discussion to undertake and even more difficult when we take the stand to convince people to be open minded and step out on faith from teachings they may have had all their lives. That said, as the son of a Pentecostal minister AND a child of God, I accept that I am homosexual and gave my parents the choice of either having a relationship with me IN SPITE of their beliefs OR to simply recognize that I would not change to accommodate them. It was/is a tricky ultimatum to make and one that FOR ME paid off...my parents chose to share ME and my life without discussing what I do in my bedroom. It isn't easy, but rather than convince folks that what we believe is right, we may want to convince them that our love for family is part of God's love and that BOTH parties can agree to honor that. My hope is that my parents and other anti-homosexual Christians will see that the homosexual community is no different than their community and that we are ALL God's children, flawed and worthy of his love and salvation.


This is some vile madness that continues to show how backwards the Black church can be in its teachings.

(2 TIMOTHY 2:15) and yet Church folks are throwing rocks! Jesus said LET THE ONE AMONG YOU WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE and now church folks feel like they have permission to throw rocks at everyone!

DAMN THIS MADNESS TO HELL! I am sick of it! I am sick of church folks saying craziness like GOD TOLD ME TO TELL YOU and GOD PUT IN MY SPIRIT! It's madness and thank God some of us know God well enough to rebuke this foolishness, but at the end of the day, as long as oppressed people stay and let the oppressor oppress, we will never be spiritually free! EVEN THE SLAVES PLOTTED THEIR ESCAPE but gay men especially stay and take the whippings and the church feels empowered to first tell gays they are bad and then tell them they need to change and then sons and daughters coming to them saying I AM BAD and the church calls it DELIVERANCE! It's not! "I hate myself because you told me I was hateful and I just want to be loved, so I will put up with your mess if I think it will bring me love from you, even though you think I'm hateful and can never be loved." It reminds me of that old I DO COCAINE SO I CAN WORK HARDER SO I CAN MAKE MORE MORE SO I CAN...DO MORE COCAINE!

The thinking of being loving and Christ-like and beating someone--physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally--is so UNChrist like that I am shocked at the numbers of times I must talk about it.


Honut Sinti

OK. Let's see how committed Hattie Mae, Joe and their their group are. They should look at themselves in the mirror and wave their prayer cloths about, spray spritz water, rub their prayer beads, beat their chests, stomp their feet, bang their drums/tambourines and shout their own evil away.

Marco Polo

And why was I not surprised when that "minister" from the Bridgeport, CT church admitted to having had same sex relationships and desires herself on Tyra? Yulp. Somebody pour her tall, cool glass of sitchoassdown.

If you want hate yourself, fine. But don't project that mess onto others.

Cocoa Rican

Throughout history one thing rings true, religion and differences in beliefs has been the cause of more wars than any other reason - PERIOD. That said, I don't think that as a community our focus should be on changing someone's religious beliefs, rather understanding what is acceptable behavior and interaction with our fellow man in spite of our differences. Basically being evolved enough to accept that we are all different and that our religion, sexual orientation, race, etc. are not precursors to being decent, kind, loving and tolerant human beings. Otherwise we can beat and berate each other to a pulp with about the same amount of change as we've had in the last thousand years.


Indeed these folks need to have a seat. Amazing I just happened upon the videos of the Tyra show with this poor young man on, his 'pastors" and a nice young lady that works with an LGBT youth org in his area which I believe was a year or two ago and I wondered what was going on with him now. I feel for the guy. These people don't understand what they are doing to him and other youths like him. D. McClurkin does not understand what he did to all those LGBT youth during the last convocation making them come forward to admit they were gay in an unforgiving, hostile environment. They don't realize you cannot deny who you are...or maybe he did but is trying to so hard to separate himself from his sexuality to be accepted that he does not internalize the damage. They don't realize when you cannot deny who you are you act on it and often times in an unsupportive environment you act on it in a destructive manner. I'm really worried for this young man and all the young LGBT people in these anti-gay churches because I grew up one and I know what it's like. Thank God for my mother loving me just as I am and accepting me.

@Marco Polo I agree. You pour her that glass and I'll give her a plate of shut the hell up!

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