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18 June 2010



I love this sound, the look, and everything about what Kelly's doing. It ain't broke sooo please don't fix it! She has found her niche and her groove and I loves it!

The Truth

I am really pulling for Kelly...i wish her all the best and i hope her album does really well. I'm loving this sound.

And how stunning is she?!

Kevin Perez

Love the hair! Who the hell says the natural curly/kinky hair can be presented beautiful! Fools, do!


Oh man, I love this girl.
Bring it ON!


I love these Covers!!! I like Commander more than her US Singles. Commander is just...WOW.

Can't wait for the rest of her album!


er... not really


The hair on that cover pic is a bit of a mess. I love when a black woman goes natural, but that styling just isn't working... I do wish her much success, though.


Ok honest opinions... I love both the single covers especially Grown Woman... so perfect for the song title. The songs on the other hand will have to grow on me. Kelly needs to come hard and Grown Woman is just an ok song and Rose Colored Glasses is so mediocre and so beneath Kelly. She should keep Commander as the US single and just release the urban mix to urban radio.


Oh and one more thing. I wish that her skin color was not lightened on these covers. We all know that she is a beautiful chocolate sista. I just wish she could showcase it but I guess that is the society we live in...

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