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10 June 2010



Sweet baby jesus!! Watta may-un!


Mercenary in Iraq?
So sad

Eaton 1WB

Dayumn! Now that's a man.

@ Alberto: What's so sad about being a contractor in Iraq? He was deployed there as a Marine. So he can't quit and take a private security job at triple the pay? I don't see the problem.

Tornado has always been very gay friendly and supportive, I'm not going to get pc...


Yes daddy yes beat it up!!!!!


WOW he's gorgeous, if he didnt sound like a slut (texting blond bimbos when he has a girlfriend) it'd be all over him too.

These British boys will do anything for a f/buck! LOL

I'm gonna go ahead and take a rare judgmental leap and say he and Marcus Patrick are cut from the same cloth; British, gorgeous, media whores and reportedly promiscuous.

Be clear, I'm not berating them for those assumed qualities, just be upfront about it! Don't go around tricking sweet little miss England into thinking you're an honest man and then piss her off flirting with some some thirsty tramp!

She shoulda' broke her foot off in your @ss too!




WOW, it is a shame that people get fame and that fame is so fleeting but I RESPECT THIS BROTHER for believing SO HARD in his dream that he would give his life for it!

I RESPECT that when others would try to bleed fame or pimp their bodies, he's out there grinding and saying I BELIEVE IN ME! I hope that he makes it home safely and that his FITNESS FIRM is a major success and that you get to write about him and show amazing photos of him for years to come!


He looks like Tyson Beckford in that first pic with the hat and gun. Either way, lickable indeed.


My God

Tim Lee

well I guess he's the epitome of male beauty and strength. I hope he survives.


...I'm sorry, what were we talking about?!?!?!?

AJ Terrel

whatta man whatta man what a MIGHTY MIGHTY GOOD MAN!


Hmmm ...yeah hmmmm yeah that one


I just hope he makes it home safe as well as all the other men and women over there risking their lives. I bet there are many more sexy mens over there and I wish I could do something for them on there down time, but I would not want it to be done in IRAQ...hmmmmmm!!

Distant Lover

I would have kick that beyotches ass too for fooling with my man!
David, baby, be careful! Remember, the world is a better place with you in it.
I'm praying that you make it home safe and that your dream of investing in your firm comes true.
Rod, keep 'em coming.
My eyes don't get tired from seeing such deliciousness!


Oh, him!! (I thought he was. gay.)


Yes, very good looking but, what do you think he is going to do in Iraq? Playing the Red Cross? He gets payed to kill people legally and occupy a country.
I wonder if people would be that "oh-he's-such-a-hero" if an Iraqi mercenary came to the US to "keep us safe" from ourselves.

I hate wars and this completely acritical discourse of honoring troops no matter what they do.

Ufff, I feel better now.


@ Alberto:

Sounds like you're having a bad day and needed to vent. Glad you feel better.

I don't think anyone here is calling the guy a hero, and the "acritical discourse" you're seeking is clearly offbase. This isn't the Brookings Institution to discuss war in a theoretical structure. The Iraq War is (unfortunately) already going. And to discuss the moral or legal basis of the Iraq War in this post serves what end?

The previous poster was right. If the man already served in Iraq and Afghanistan and quit to make more money as a contractor, there really isn't much difference. And condemning individual soldiers does what? Bush, Obama and Congress have a helluva lot more blood on their hands than the grunts. You're really coming across as shrill and a hall monitor. And we all know how the shirtless mancandy posts always attract the pc pearl clutchers and hall monitors.


Yet another reason to end the wars now! This brotha needs to be home making somebody VERY happy...

Taylor Siluwé

@ Dalton:

LOL @ "pc pearl clutchers".

I wonder if Alberto was the author of an email that advised me to chastise Rod for this post.

So, yes, your pearl clutcher statement is so true. And the entire Iraq war thing is aside from the point. This post is about this eye-candy of a man with the stones to risk everything for a sizable paycheck. I for one wish him the best of luck, because he's gonna need it.

Sorry pearl clutchers, we're on a different page. If I had his training (and stones), I'd be there too.


@ Taylor:

I saw that crazy email too and paid it no mind, we all know Rod's record and all that he's done. On the other hand, we have no idea who those crazy anonymous queens are except they are crazy anonymous trolling queens.

Like Dalton said, if they abhor the war so much, they'd probably do better telling Obama or Congress than fixating on one post on this blog. They say nothing about the posts on the homeless gay youth but become enraged over something like this. Trolls are trolls.


Yes, you guys are right.
What's the problem with being a mercenary in Iraq? Great salary, lots of action. It's like being in a movie...

Let's just enjoy his pics (which are great, btw)


Oh my God
Aint nuttin political about it...he is a perfect specimen.
Iraq is wrong. War is hell. He is doing it for publicity. It was a press release for God's sake! get a grip folks and enjoy the candy.


I'll fight by his side...

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