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11 June 2010



To whom do we write in protest?

Nathan James

Yup. More research is needed...to discover why bigots were permitted to ignore years of peer-reviewed scientific data, confirming that modern medical technology has rendered the blood supply safe.


Scientists claim that gay men are not aliens, and their blood is actually red, just like human beings.

The panel says “more research is needed.”

AJ Terrel

sigh, just another set of bigots. that's ok. soon enough people will rise up and public opinion will change... I just hope it's sooner, rather than later.

Tim Lee

i'll never forget my first (and only) attempt to donate blood. It was at a blood drive at my job. I had filled out all the priliminary paperwork and was sitting with one of the medical staff. She was running through a short list of questions. When he asked if I was homosexual, I said "Yes!" with all the vigour and pride of a 30 year old who had just come out of the closet. I was actually very surprised and shocked when he told me that I could not donate. I said, "this is crazy, I'm not even having sex (argh!) and haven't for quite a while (argh!) - my blood is safer than allot of heterosexuals. The guy advised me to just "lie" about my sexual orientation next time. I never tried to give blood again and I never forgot this.

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